Are Sientra implants better than other breast implants?

I've been hearing a lot about Sientra breast implants lately with a lot of people saying they are better than Mentor and the other competition. Since I'm planning on getting breast implants sometime soon, I'd like to know if this is actually true and if so, if the Sientra implants are more expensive and/or worth the extra expense if they are. Thx.


F, 31, Massachusetts

Sientra implants are FDA approved. They known as the gummy bear implants and are a popular choice. Your doctor will recommend an implant based on your desired outcome. Some implants are firmer, larger, softer, pliable or more stable. Sientra implants are comprised of form stable and gummy bear implants. 

Allergan and Mentor were FDA-approved soon after Sientra, and have a much wider variety of implants that physicians can choose. Are Sientra shaped, cohesive-gel implants the best silicone breast implants for you?

Five Sientra unique qualities compared to the competition: 

Cost: This is perhaps the easiest question to answer. Sientra shaped, gummy bear breast implants are more expensive than the other form-stable implants. 

Shape: Sientra implants are firm and well shaped. The implant pretty much has the same shapely appearance during each positional body change. This is good if you want more fullness in the upper area of the breast when you are standing. But, the implant may not respond to position changes as a natural breast would. Excessive fullness in the upper part of the breast when you are standing isn't the natural response of a breast. Another pro is that the highly cohesive gel implants also have fewer folds, or scalloping at the edges, which can be a problem associated with saline implants.

Longevity: Sientra implants can't leak. The implants have a gummy bear consistency, and the inner gel will not leak out. We don’t know yet how age will affect the nearly solid implants over many years. Cracks or small fractures at the edges are a possibility because all material is worn down with time. It may be 10 or 15 years before we have an answer to the longevity. 

Softness: The Sientra implants are firmer than other implants, and this is positive for many individuals who are happy to experience consistent lift and fullness.

Incision: A slightly longer incision is needed for the firm implants, which are inserted at the base of the breast.

Only the surgeon can indeed help you to decide which implant will best match your needs. Ask your surgeon to show you before and after photos that demonstrate the different implant results that you may achieve.

Sientra breast implants offer a number of key differences that make them stand out among the competition. They have a two-year warranty that covers contracture, which is the biggest concern in augmentation. If this develops within two years, Sientra will replace them. These implants also have a unique back design that causes the edges of the implant to be better concealed, and as a result, they feel more natural.

Sientra breast implants have a lower capsule contracture and lower rupture rate. These implants are also only provided by board-certified surgeons, which ensures that you are getting a qualified product from a qualified physician. This is a highly recommended breast implant that comes with high ratings, and it is well worth the extra expense.