B to C cup breast implants: how many cc's?

I realize that "it depends", but on average how many cc's would you say it takes to go from a B to a C cup? Is it always pretty much the same number of cc's when you move from one size up to another?


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Moving from a B to C cup is an increase of one cup. Generally speaking, each cup increase equates to approximately 200cc, or cubic centimeters, of volume. Implants begin at 100cc and increase in increments by 25cc, with the largest implant in the U.S. at 800cc.

However, there are a range of factors that will affect implant size. Women of greater stature may require more than 200cc to augment their breasts from a B to C cup. Women who are more petite, or who have very narrow frames, may require less than 200cc to gain an increase of one cup size.  

Breast implants also come in different widths, with the smallest implant measuring 7.4cm and the largest measuring 17.2cm. If you have a wider chest, you are likely to need a breast implant with a wider base and greater volume to achieve an increase from a B to C cup.

Plastic surgeons know that it can be difficult for prospective patients to conceptualize how they will look post-breast augmentation, when the increase will be referred to in terms of ccs. For this reason, many encourage their patients to utilize sizers during their initial consultation.

The surgeon has a range of implant sizers available for you to try on, inside a bra,  in order to gauge how much volume increase you need to achieve your aesthetic goals. In addition, some clinics have 3D imaging software that can provide you with an idea of what your breasts will look like following plastic surgery.

If you are interested in breast augmentation surgery, I would recommend that you find a board-certified plastic surgeon who can sit down with you, talk you through your options, and help you find whichever implants are the perfect size for your body.

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Each woman's breast size and the size of her implants is completely a personal choice. There are certain aesthetic measurement norms. Your doctor will help you select the implant that matches your desires. 

If you are a currently a 34 B-cup size and you desire to be a C cup size, you will want to fit in a 34 C-cup. The number 34 refers to the circular measurement of your chest below your breasts. To be satisfied with your breast implants, you need to gain at least one complete cup size. Less than one cup size will not provide you with a significant enlargement.

All implant cup increases require the same amount of volume per cup. Increasing from a B- to a C-cup or a C- to a D-cup will technically require just one cup increase. The amount needed to increase one cup is approximately 200 cc (ml) of volume. Implants are available in 100 cc, and implants increase in increments of by 25 cc. This slight increase will allow your doctor to help you achieve the exact shape and size that you desire. 

You may require slightly more than one hundred cc to perfectly fit a C-cup. Your doctor will place a 100 cc implant in your bra, then 125 cc and possibly 150 cc to help you decide which implant helps you to achieve the exact look that you desire. 

How Many CC are Needed to Increase from a B to a C Cup?

Moving up in a bra size from an B cup to a C cup would require a 150-200cc breast implant. This is not the exact number of cc, but a full cup requires 250cc and moving from a B to a C may require a 200cc breast implant. To enlarge your breasts two cup sizes, you would need a 300-400cc implant. Your doctor will share options with you at your consultation. You can try different cc sizers on with specially shaped trial breast implants during your consultation.

It can be kind of tricky to figure out how many cc’s of breast implant you'll need to go from your current size to your “goal” size. The cc’s are how the plastic surgeon measures the breast size, or the increase in breast size, but most patients only speak in terms of bra cup size. Also, bra sizes will vary from retailer to retailer, so you may want to figure out which specific bra you want to wear after augmentation compared with the bra you wear now - this could help the doctor figure out how many cc’s you need.

Basically, though, between 150 and 200 cc’s is what it takes to increase one cup size in the same bra. So, to go from a B to a C cup, you’ll need between 150 and 200 cc’s. However, to go from a small B to a full C cup, you could need closer to 250 cc’s.

When you talk to your plastic surgeon about getting breast implants, you’ll try on trial breast implants that will fit over your breast and in a bra of your goal size. The bra should not be padded. The trial implants are in cc’s, so you’ll know exactly how many cc’s you’ll need to reach your goal. Some doctors also have a visual imaging system that will show you how your breasts will look after a specific increase of cc’s - I suggest you ask about that. It really helps visualize the end result.