Beast Implants and Pregnancy

This may be a stupid question what what happens to my boobs when I'm pregnant with breast implants and after?  Am I still able to normally breast feed?


F, 30, New York


not sure i'm reading your question right. if you're currently breastfeeding and thinking of getting breast implants, i would have to agree with you that that's a pretty dumb question to ask. ;) obviously, you'll want to wait until you're done breastfeeding before you go in for surgery.

but if you have breast implants or you're thinking of getting them and you're wondering if you'll be able to breastfeed when the day comes, i'd say the answer is that you'll probably be fine, but sometimes things happen... i'm a retired pediatric nurse and in my last few years on the job (in the late 90s) i actually came across one or two cases where women had problems breastfeeding because of damage to the milk ducts caused by nipple incisions. the implants can also cause pressure on the mammary glands, making it super difficult for some moms (and their babies).

read this:


Thanks so much MaryLou! I'm going to have a Breast Augmentation.