Breast Augmentation - 26 Years Old

I have been flat chested my entire life and have been wanting to get surgery since my 21st birthday.  Unfortunately it just hasn't been the right timing whether it be school, my job, or family issues.  A month ago I finally went to get my surgery (I applied for CareCredit and was approved.  Actually my dad was approved :) ) 


The surgery went smoothly I decided to get 300CC above the muscle, because a friend of mine has been dealing with lots of issues after getting her implants below the muscle.  After I got out of the surgery I felt a bit loopy from the pain medications but I was able to get in my dads car and we took a trip to get a smoothie (it seemed easier to get nutrition through a straw).  When I got home I fell asleep for a good 6 hours and woke up in the middle of the night in a good amount of pain.  I took my pain medication but found it hard to fall back asleep.  The next 4 days was very tough for me to sleep and I sat upright on our sofa chair trying to get some rest.  Finally about a week later I started to feel a little bit more like myself, my chest is still super tender but I am excited looking down and seeing my new boobies.  Anyway its been about 4.5 weeks now since my surgery and I still am unable to do much physical activity.  I am an avid gym goer so I am excited to head back there which I will do this week.  During the 5 weeks off I have been doing walks around the neighborhood.


Anyone looking to have breast augmentation, I just recommend that you do your research before.  I don't know how I would rate my recovery, I was expecting it to be much worse I guess - ever since I had a deviated septum fixed and the immense pain I went through with that I always expect the worst.  Compared to that this wasn't so bad.  Good luck to all and I will try and post an update on how I am doing!



F, 29, Oklahoma

Thanks for sharing Deb, I had a very similar experience