Breast Augmentation for Breastfeeder

So i have had 2 beautiful kids and I am officially done now :) I have breast fed both of them and have seen my breasts go from a D cup to a small B cup.  I am rather petite for my height, I am 5' 5" 120 lbs.  I told my husband that once I was done breastfeeding the 2nd one (I stopped 5 months ago) I was going to look into getting my boobs back.  

About 3 months ago I went for my in office consultation and decided that I would be getting 400 to 500 cc implants (saline).  He told me to wait a few more months since I had just stopped breastfeeding but he would be ready to schedule me for the summer.  So now I am writing this 2 weeks after surgery and I could not be happier.  My boobs ended up taking 400 ccs and are now a solid D cup again. 

My recovery was a little rough, as I was very sore my first week and not very comfortable.  I probably slept 10 hours total in a week.  However, every day I guess it did get a bit easier.  The doctor warned me of the discomforts I would feel post-surgery so it wasn't a complete shock, but that doesn't mean its something I want to go through again :)  I will be going back to the doctor to look at my pooch on my stomach and hopefully have him do a tummy tuck.  After that I am good to go with my beautiful family, feeling happier than ever.  Good luck to anyone who is planning on getting a Breast Augmentation, or a Mommy Makeover.  I will let you know what I decide about the tummy tuck.