Can I have fat injected into my breasts to enhance them?

I know that a Brazilian butt lift is mostly liposuction and using your own fat to reshape your butt.  Does anything like that exist for the breasts?  I don't want to have something foreign put into my body (i.e. silicone or saline implants), however I would consider fat grafting since it is my own fat.


F, 34, Washington

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Hi AllNatural,

Fat grafting is probably the most natural breast augmentation method. However, you can only achieve mild increases to the breast using fat alone because your body will reject around half of it.

Published studies show that 30 to 50 percent of the fat will survive, but you don’t really know, so most doctors will overfill or fill until it looks perfect. Often you need multiple surgeries, which is something to consider with fat grafting.

Breast implants are required to gain more than one cup size. A composite procedure using fat grafting and silicone implants can give you the most natural results when trying to achieve a significant increase in size.

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