How long until I can work out after Breast Augmentation?

It has been 4.5 weeks since my surgery and I have heard anywhere from 3-6 weeks until you should work out.  I decided to give it 5 weeks, any input here?


F, 29, Oklahoma

I agree with the others, I would wait at least 6 weeks for high intensity and heavy lifting workouts.  For me I started on light walks outside and on the treadmill after 2 weeks, but that is all I did until 6 weeks post op.

I asked my doctor whats the time you are going to tell me to wait and whats the real time I have to wait with a wink.  He told me at the minimum give it 4 weeks, but insisted on 6.

Waiting 6 weeks is usually the smartest bet.  Better than doing it to early and messing something up then having to wait another 6 weeks :)