I Want Breast Implant Surgery and I'm Looking For Advice

My name is Leigh and I am 30 years old. I spent several years feeling self-conscious about my small breasts and simply not feeling good about how I looked. Cute clothes seemed to be catered to those with large breasts. I wanted larger breasts. I wanted to feel more confident about my appearance. I talked to a few plastic surgeons and researched breast augmentation surgery. My husband was extremely supportive. He understood that I was self-conscious about my body and wanted me to feel better about myself. He scheduled my first consultation with a plastic surgeon. He talked to me about the two types of implants. My breast implant surgery is scheduled for next month. Can someone share your real-life experiences after the surgery? It would be a great help for me.


F, 21, Brunei

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Hi. I underwent breast augmentation last year. I had exactly the same problem than you. Had very small breasts and could not even wear proper bras so i worn just the sport ones all the time, and it did not make me to feel sexy at all. And i needed that feeling sometimes. I live in Uk and the prices are extremely high in here so i decided to travel abroad. Had chosen Prague what is not too far and even the flight prices are affordable. Great that Forme clinic was in the center so it was easy to get there. It was very nice clinic. Everyone was very friendly and helpful. Had some consultation before where all the concern were answered. The surgery went without any problems and when i woke up i did not feel any pain. Felt little dizzy for a while. There was not much pain, just later i felt very uncomfortable and swollen. I had to wear bandage for few days and later was wearing compression bra for few weeks. It took little time to see proper result but it is worth to wait. Love my breasts now and finally can wear real bras and nice tops with visible decollete.

I had breast augmentation surgery about 4 years ago now and it was the best decision I ever made. At 29 years old, I had gone for the implant surgery because I was so fed up with feeling like I had little to no feminine figure (I had A-cup sized breasts at the time). Since it was a few years ago I can tell you the after-surgery experience wasn’t one that was so bad that I would say it made the procedure not worth the discomfort, but I can recall a few things that may put you more at ease.

After the surgery, I woke up and was telling my husband that I was in no pain and I was acting confused and silly – like most of those YouTube videos when people are coming out of anesthesia. I went home a couple hours afterwards (wore a zip up sweatshirt, which I highly recommend for ease of getting on/off) with some nausea that the anesthesiologist warned me about. The surgeon prepared me before the surgery with an anti-nausea suppository because it was such a common post-surgery complaint. I got over the fear of using the suppository that night so that I wouldn’t throw up – I felt like the suppository would be far less uncomfortable than the pain I would get in my chest and stomach from throwing up (and from the surgery itself). I was sore in my arms, my chest, and my abdomen the next day and then worse the day after, but the pain medication I rationed kept things at a tolerable level.

After the first couple of days the pain levels continued to go down, but it seemed like my chest swelling was going up. Two days after surgery I had a follow up with the surgeon and he assured me that everything looked good, reviewed the painful process of massage, and then advised the swelling would go down after the first week or so. He also told me that my breasts would “settle” more and more over time into the appropriate and desired place. In hindsight, he was right about everything, and although I obviously trusted him, I had some doubts at the time about how things would eventually look. I had to wear the front closure (it was Velcro) sports bra for the 6 weeks after the surgery, but invested in less hideous, non-surgical bras after the first week because I couldn’t stand the site of them. I massage at least twice a day after my follow up visit, forced myself not to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk, stayed hydrated, and occasionally took a stool softener because the first few days using prescribed pain meds made me constipated.

The weeks and weeks after the procedure had passed and I had intermittent and more distantly spaced out follow ups with the surgeon to make sure everything was to his, and obviously my, liking. After 6 weeks, I was allowed to stop wearing the sports bra and finally went shopping for some new clothes. I was ecstatic! I still had some swelling that the doctor told me would go down by 3 months (he was right again, by the way), but the dresses, the bikinis, everything I put on in the dressing room was amazing. I was so happy and my husband was too!

Going from an A cup to a full C was life changing for me, and I can certainly understand (and can directly relate) your insecurities and worries. As long as you are going to a board certified plastic surgeon that you trust and did your homework on, I’m sure you’ll be happy in the end too.