Preparing for breast enhancement surgery

Hey, I am a 37-year old mother of 5 young children. After 5 pregnancies and breastfeeding them, my breasts lost all fullness, firmness and look like deflated balloons. I have always been against breast implants. But then I had an experience where I went to Victoria’s Secret and tried on 30 different bras for over an hour without finding one that fit right. I cried in that fitting room for 30 minutes and made a decision to find the perfect surgeon to fix my breasts. After doing a lot of research and going through hundreds of pictures I decided to take an appointment at Dr. Atul Kesarwani in Toronto who has done hundreds of breast enhancement procedure. My appointment is next week. I am preparing myself for this surgery. If anyone here has undergone similar breast enhancement procedures, it would be nice if you share them as I would be able to know more about the procedure, your experience and recovery time. Thanks in advance.


F, 34, British Columbia