Small breasts bothering me

Hey, I am a twenty-three year old from Canada. Since young, my breasts were really small and I had no cleavage. My breasts were flat and non-existent. My friends teased me for this and I lost my confidence and self-esteem.

Things became worse when I started dating. I was insecure about my body and was afraid to get naked in front of my boyfriends. All the boys that I have dated prefer bigger breasts and I was unattractive for them. In short, my small breasts have ruined many relationships too. I hated myself when I found them staring at other girls who were well endowed. I felt terrible and ashamed of myself.

I googled on the internet about the methods to increase the breast size. I have tried some DIY tips, but it was not effective. Another option which I found was cosmetic surgery. I came to know that breast enlargement techniques can increase the size of breasts through surgical methods.

I have never done a surgery before. But, I think, this is a necessity. Although I am scared about the side effects, I am going to give it a try and perform it from a cosmetic surgery centre. Is there anybody over here who has tried this before? How was your experience? I want to have a 34D from 32C. Is it possible? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.


F, 29, British Columbia

Hi there! 

I certainly feel your pain. I too suffered from a small chest a few years ago, had self-esteem issues and contemplated having breast augmentation surgery. I eventually decided to have surgery and I have absolutely no regrets about doing it. 

To tell you a little bit about my story, when I was 21 I had silicone breast implants inserted and went from a small A cup to a full C cup. I am very fit, 5'2" and 115 lbs. I work out every single day and the one part of my body that I could never get to grow, was my chest! Implant surgery gave what I could not achieve on my own - good sized breasts! My breasts look natural and I feel like they 'complete me.' The procedure itself was expensive but the recovery was smooth and the small scar placed at the base of breasts are virtually invisible now. 

At the end of the day, having a breast augmentation is 100% up to you. I knew I wanted the surgery. Don't let your friends teasing you be the determining factor for you to get surgery. I'm sure every single one of your 'friends' has an imperfection you could tease them about, but you choose not to. Besides, as you get older, you'll find yourself distancing yourself from people like the ones you mentioned. 

I looked at the link you provided and it looks like the doctor you're considering is a general surgeon, not a plastic surgeon. I personally would not go to a general surgeon for a breast augmentation. You could be making a huge mistake by going to a general surgeon for a cosmetic procedure. I would find a plastic surgeon on the American Board of Plastic Surgery website ( If your doctors not on there, don't go to them for a breast augmentation! 

I'll  check this board later today if you have any other questions for me!