What Type of Incision is Best For a Breast Augmentation?

I know there are several types of breast incisions: in the fold beneath the breast, around the areola, armpit crease etc. Has anyone had a bad experience with one of these incisions? I heard the scars tend to be visible even after one year, so I definitely want one that’s a bit more hidden. Any advice?


F, 30, New Jersey

When I was first considering a breast augmentation, scarring was one of my main concerns, too. I tend to scar very badly, and even after I nick my legs in the shower when shaving, I get a red mark that lasts for months! My plastic surgeon suggested a periareolar incision to me. He said that the pink skin of the areola is less prone to scarring badly due to it being a different type of skin than the rest of the skin on your body. Of course, the fact that it's usually darker than the rest of the skin on a woman's breast also makes scarring less obvious there. I am very happy with the result, and I can't even see the line where the incision was made unless I look very closely. 

However, I have heard of many woman having their implant incisions in other places and being very happy with the results. My doctor really stressed to me that the key to avoiding an obvious scar where he made the incisions, no matter where he placed them, was caring for the incision sites well after surgery. He had me, at first, keep the incision sites lubricated with bacitracin to both avoid infection and scarring. Then, after the scabbing naturally went away (no picking), he told me to keep the incision sites covered paint-on scar preventative product at all times. I think both really helped!

The location of your incision is a personal decision. There are four options available. The under the breast incision is often the most discreet. My doctor recommended the incision around my nipple, and the implant was placed above my muscle so that the movement of my breast is natural.