Why decided to get my Breast Augmentation

i have long awaited this and put it off due to work and my kids. I felt I was  giving so much to others ,I forgot to take care of my own self.  I would sometimes catch myself in the mirror and do a double take. I couldn't believe I had let my body go like this. I use to be petite and the girl who everyone in high school wanted to be around and now I was known as the soccer mom who drove the van with all the kids to practice. Little did I know I was slowly getting more and more self conscious About how my breast had lost their firmness. They had dropped down due to losing weight and it was now something I dressed up to hide instead of showing them off.


I expressed my feelings to a few close friends and they told me about Zwivel and their experience . Once I went online I felt super confident in choosing their service. 


After er a few months of saving here and there I was ready to take on a new life. It was not as bad as I expected. Everyone was so caring in the office and I felt very safe after the procedure . I was given great directions on what to look out for during the healing process . After my follow up I was told that everything went as planned.


I currently am proud to dress up now with my husband when we have our date nights and go out to dinner. Thank you for the support and life changing opportunity! 

That's great! Congratulations. Its probably too late for me but I always wish I had done it!

So happy to hear that things went well. I’m contemplating getting a lift and implants. My biggest concern is keloid formation. Did you get any keloids or scars from the incision site