Why I Decided to Get a Breast Augmentation

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I wanted to create this post to share my journey having a breast augmentation, so I can help other woman thinking of having this procedure.

Why do you want to have a breast augmentation?

If you are contemplating a breast augmentation, you should ask yourself why? Is it to please your boyfriend/spouse, yourself or someone else? Unless the answer is yourself, don't do it! I had a breast augmentation because I always felt insecure about the size of my breasts and was not happy with the way I looked in tight clothing. I wanted to look and feel better about myself. 

What made me get a breast augmentation?

I am now 31 years old and remember the day I decided I wasn't happy with my breast size like it was yesterday. I was a sophmore in high-school and I remember noticing all of my friends breasts were beginning to grow and mine were not changing. I figured this was likely because I had not started menstruating yet, but eventually realized that was not the case I would not be as fortunate as my friends. I was pretty bummed! In high school I was 5'8" and 128 lbs. I was fit but never felt good about myself. I would look in the mirror and think 'I'm thin but I don't have any breasts.' I felt like guys didn't look at me like they looked at my friends and it was all because of my breasts. I was that cute girl that guys would joke around 'looked flat as a board.' Yea..not the best thing to boost your confidence in high-school and make you feel good about yourself. I was a 34A and I guess I was going to have to live with it...unfortunately. Maybe they'd grow in college, eh. Well... my 34A breasts stuck with me through college too. I was a bit more confident with my appearance in college but still not happy. 

After college, I got my first job. For the first time in my life, I was making real money. Growing up in a middle income family did not leave much spending cash for plastic surgery, especially with parents that were against body altering procedures that weren't necessary in the first place. After two years of work, I had finally saved up enough money to get the procedure I had wanted since I was 15. 

Convincing my parents breast augmentation was for me.

My parents are hard-working middle class people that never lived a lavish lifestyle. When I first told them I wanted a breast augmentation in high-school, they convinced me that I should be happy with who I was and elective invasive procedures were mainly for the extremely wealthy and it wasn't an option for me. 

Now times had changed. I had the money but I didn't was to anger my parents. I met with my mom and told her I had finally decided to move forward with a breast augmentation. I told her I was not meeting with her for money but for her support. After speaking to my mom and eventually my dad, they both realized how much I wanted a breast augmentation and what it would do for my confidence. They decided to support my decision and were with me throughout the entire process. 

The Consultation:

During my breast augmentation consultation, the doctor explained the procedure to me and had me try on different sized implants. I eventually settled on C cups. My operation date was set and I was anxious. 

Two Weeks Pre-Op:

Two weeks prior to my surgery I was told to stop taking oral contraceptives and would need to stay off them for 3-4 weeks post surgery. I am not sure why this is necessary but it certainly wasn't good for my hormonal balance! 

One Week Pre-Op:

I was quite anxious knowing I was only a week away from having a procedure. It was almost my surgery date!

The Day of Surgery: 

After years of anticipation, the day had finally arrived. It was the date of my surgery. 

I had to be at the surgical center by 6:45 a.m., for my surgery time of 8:30 a.m. My mom and dad drove me to the surgical center and stayed in the waiting room until my operation was over. When I arrived at the office, they took a urine sample from me, which is standard practice to make sure you're not pregnant. If the test is positive, you can't have surgery. After my urine test, I was given a gown and compression shorts (prevents blood clots) to change into. It was then that my nerves calmed and I realized this was happening no matter what. 

A nurse came into the room I was waiting in a took my blood pressure and other vital. I was then put on a bed and wheeled into the operating room. 

Once in the operating room, an anesthesiologist was waiting for me. He explained that he was going to give me a medicine to put me to sleep and I wouldn't feel anything. After that, he inserted a catheter into my arm and then placed a large needle with a white solution into my arm and asked me to start counting backwards. That was the last thing I remembered before I woke up feeling extremely thirsty, with significant pressure on my chest and only since a nurse in the room. The first worst out of my mouth when I woke up was I was thirsty but the nurse said she was not allowed to give me water and gave me what I kid you not seemed like cotton with sugar on it that she said would help with my thirst. It didn't 

While complaining of thirst, the nurse gave me a painkiller through an IV in my arm. After some food and a few more hours of rest, I was eventually allowed to go home. I was in some pain, but it was very bearable! Not bad at all actually! 

Once I got home I laid in bed and as it got later, I felt a bit more pain, so I took the painkillers the nurse had given me. That night I couldn't sleep well, but the painkillers kept the pain at bay. 

 1 Day Post-Op:

All I could think was my breasts look amazing! I was in some pain but it wasn't bad and could easily be controlled by pain killers (they gave me co-comadol, which is a combination of Codeine and acetaminophen - only side effect is bloating, unfortunately). Considering my implants were placed under my chest muscles, I thought I was going to be in more pain. I felt more discomfort than real pain and I was able to wash my own body with a washcloth.  

A nurse called me to check-in and see how I was doing. My breasts were swollen, and the swelling causes them to look 'lifted' but I was great otherwise. I have sensation in both breasts and normal color started to return to them. My breasts were as hard as a rock towards the top and a bit softer towards the bottom/underneath.

Before bed, I took the antibiotics my surgeon provided me with.


More information to come!  


 My Before and Afters:

Why I Decided to Get a Breast Augmentation, submitted image.

Why I Decided to Get a Breast Augmentation, submitted image.


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