Will I feel fat with high profile implants?

I wanted to ask girls that have recently had their boobs done if they feel bigger or smaller with them in, in regards to weight? I want an augmentation due to a large amount of weight loss but I am scared I will feel fat with them! I have lost over 30 pounds since graduating high school, I am currently 21, and although I feel better with the weight loss I still feel like something is missing. I feel as if I need to lose more weight but I have no more weight to lose!! I realized that I feel as if I haven’t reached my goal because of my boobs! They have lost a lot of their shape and fullness and with the way they are now (deflated), it is not complementary to the rest of my body. Getting an augmentation to restore my fullness will give me confidence in my shape and womanhood! But will getting a high profile make me feel large? I want a large profile to compliment a small waist but I do not want to feel fat!! What do I do?! 


F, 23, California

As a woman who has had a similar situation with deflation (after childbirth and some weight loss), I can't say I was concerned about a high profile implant making me feel chubby again, rather if the implants in general would make me feel heavy. I can honestly say that I didn't feel like I looked fat with them, I just feel more put together and more feminine again. The deflation and weight loss made me feel like I had less of a feminine figure, and the implants gave me the front and side profiles I desired after all of the changes my body endured. Immediately after the procedure, I did feel like my chest looked "heavy" because the implants sat higher on my chest, but over time (just as the surgeon said) they settled into their "pockets" and looked perfect. I think understanding that you're looking to improve the fullness of your breasts and correct deflation is important to remember, and having a high profile implant really just means more projection off of your chest wall. Good luck in whatever you choose and congrats on the weight loss!