Ready for my 2nd Breast Augmentation?

I had my first Breast Aug when I was 25 and I was very happy.  Now after having two kids my body is not looking quite the same.  My breasts are sagging and I have put on about 30 lbs since my mid 20s.  Is it safe to do a 2nd breast augmentation?  (P.S. I'm 5'5" 160lbs)


F, 39, California

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I just had my first at 25 and couldn't be happier...I wish you luck on your 2nd journey :)

I had a breast lift and augmentation 8 years ago after I had my 3rd child.  Very happy with the results and self esteem booster!  Even though I have some scarring it was worth it to me.

Same! but after 2nd child :)

Sounds like you need a breast lift. My breasts are now beginning to sag and I've been researching my options. Sounds like you're in somewhat of the same boat as me. I have fairly large breasts, so I may also need a reduction in addition to a lift, and I'm a bit worried about the scarring. If you only need a lift, it shouldn't be that bad. From my understanding, the scarring from a lift alone isn't bad (just a little circle around the areola). 

You will most likely need a breast lift, not an augmentation (or perhaps both, but an augmentation alone will most likely not be enough). Augmentations typically increase the size of your breasts and a lift, well.....lifts your breasts up! I recommend you consult with a plastic surgeon in your area. There are risks associated with any procedure, but assuming your healthy, you should have no issues having a lift/aug. 

hmmm interesting, I would never have thought I needed a lift at my age.  Thanks for the feedback Singer, I will start doing a little more research

Yes you will most likely need a breast lift.  I had a mommy makeover a year after I had my 2nd child.