Breast Lift For My Wife

My wife is the mother of one child and her breasts hang. I want to get her a treatment to improve the condition of her breasts. Does anyone have any suggestions? 


M, 35, Brunei

As a woman, I'm sure she would prefer to be part of the discussion, but as a mother, I appreciate the man who thinks about me as his wife and wants me feeling confident and beautiful in his eyes always (or as much as possible). I would first recommend you have a serious conversation about whether or not the appearance of her breasts actually bothers your wife - if it doesn't, the conversation about correction of her breasts is over, and you either accept this or must look at why you actually love your wife and married her in the first place. If it does bother her too, then discuss with her whether or not you plan to have more children. If additional children are likely in your future (whether you believe in a deity or not), then the conversation on addressing her hanging breasts will take a back seat. Should you be both be satisfied with the number of children you currently have, and have already involved some sort of family planning/prevention, a discussion about a breast lift could be had. 

I commend you in inquiring about the issue, but this is one that is not up to you - you may be a part of the discussion with your wife - but ultimately I believe this is an issue your wife must be fully on board to correct before "improving he condition of her breasts". 

If she chooses to be accepting of her breasts after you have both created a child and she raised them to be big enough to eat food on their own, respecting her health decisions must be of utmost importance. 

So, you asked for suggestions, and I have 3 simple ones:

#1 - Make sure you're on the same page, and have the same opinion, on correction of her breasts after your first child.

#2 - If planning for a breast procedure, specifically a breast lift or mastopexy, you MUST be on the same page for the future of your family. Will the family continue to grow? If this is even a question, then correction of breast ptosis is pointless. Why would anyone go through surgery to correct breast tissue from hanging if her breasts could enlarge and deflate/hang again? This is a religious, sociological, financial, ethical, etc question you must have together.

#3 - Should you plan to visit with a plastic surgeon for breast surgery, you must discuss whether a simple mastopexy (breast lift) or mastopexy with augmentation (breast lift with implantation) is in order to give the appearance you both are happy with.