Breast Lift and Scars

What types of scarring should I expect from a Breast Lift and how much is it?


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A breast lift or a mastopexy will definately result in scars around the nipple. However, not all breast require the incision to extend from the areola down to the inframmary fold and across the fold. The whole concept of the lift is to reduce the excess skin on the breast. Optimally, the scar is only around the nipple as this aesthetic unit provides for a visually appealing result. In addition extra scarring on the breast can spread. 

Some patients look to have implants placed at the same time to improve upper pole fullness. 

The cost can vary depending on size of the breast tissue and any previous surgeries. The range is usually $5,000 to $7,500.


Breast Lift and Scars, submitted image. Breast Lift and Scars, submitted image.

It depends on the lift technique. I had an anchor lift done. My scars are barely visible, but that have an anchor pattern, as you can see in the image below while I was healing. My breast and arm lift cost $9090. The breast lift was around $6,000 of the $9090. 




I have been told that you will see scars below the nipple, like in this picture below.  

Breast Lift and Scars, submitted image.

I am looking to have this procedure as well, and I have been quoted at $7,500 - however I think that you should consult with a plastic surgeon who is a candidate to do your procedure because prices do vary.