Is it possible to get a scarless breast lift?

I would consider getting a breast lift if it weren't for the scarring. I find it unattractive to have scarring on your breasts. Are there any techniques to perform a breast lift while causing no scarring? Thanks


F, 39, California

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I underwent breast lift few months ago, and there are very tiny scars almost not visible. I used to be also scared but my surgeon at Forme clinic unsured me the the scarring is minimal. And he was right. They always do the cuts on hidden parts so u barely see them. Of course i listened all the advises he gave me before and also after the surgery. I even use some creams for scars, not sure if that helps also. But anyway i am happy with my breast not hanging down on my belly anymore. It is great feeling and that minimum scarring is worth it.

I had a breast lift and breast augmentation completed recently, and I have very minimal scarring that is hidden in the darker breast tissue around my nipples and the breast fold just under both breasts. My plastic surgeon used a particular technique that results in less tension at the site of the sutures so that my scars are barely noticeable. I was happy with the results my surgeon showed me from previous patients, and I chose a traditional breast lift using this special suture technique.

An internal mesh breast lift is another way to lift the breast with minimal scarring using an absorbable surgical mash that lifts the breasts. It's important to see a board-certified plastic surgeon for an examination and consultation. Ask your doctor for before and after photos from previous surgeries that he's completed. I'm thrilled with the results that I have achieved. My scars are continuing to fade as my skin heals, and my self-confidence is dramatically improved. I wish you the best of luck, and I hope you're as thrilled with your surgical results as I am with mine!

Around five years ago, I was considering having a breast lift done. I had drooping breasts and all I wanted to do was get my youthful appearance back. I had seen the results of breast lifts on other women before, and I must say they looked pretty great. However, I hadn't had a chance to see them in enough detail to know whether they can be completely scarless. I had seen scarred breasts from silicone implants before, and I did not like how they looked at all. When I went in for a consultation, the plastic surgeon assured me that, even though there is always a mark left after any type of breast lift procedure, today's procedures can be done with minimal incision, greatly reducing the risk of ending up with an ugly, noticeable scar. However, you should take into account that extensive lifting may need more and bigger incisions, increasing the probability of ending up with visible scars. So there is really no such thing as a completely scarless breast lift but it can definitely be done with minimal scarring. And your new beautiful breast shape will make up for a small scar.

I wanted to give my breasts a boost. They were hanging down toward my belly button. After having children and losing weight, my breasts just wouldn't snap back to a perky position again. I had one problem. I didn't want ugly scars on my breasts. It was like a Catch-22. Surgery could lift up my breasts again and make me feel better about my body. At the same time, I would have scars that would make me self-conscious, especially when I was intimate with my husband. I did my homework and I found a plastic surgeon who specialized in making discreet incisions in the crease beneath my breasts to give my breasts a lift. He also gave me different products that helped to minimize scarring. One reduced inflammation and the the other kept my skin really supple. I'm really happy with my results.

Yes, it is possible to have scars that are barely detectable.

When I had my breast lift surgery, my doctor described three different mastopexy techniques that showed minimal scarring. They were the trans-axillary, trans-umbilical and the sub-areola techniques. The trans-axillary involves creating a tunnel from the armpit to the breast while a tube is inserted from the umbilical cord to transport the implant to the breast with the trans-umbilical technique. The most impressive and safest was the sub-areola mastopexy, also known as the ""invisible scar"" lift. In this procedure, excess skin around the areola is removed, and then the areola is raised. The sutures are then placed under the areola, leaving a virtually undetectable incision.

There is also an injection called the Vampire Breast Lift in which your own blood platelets are used and mixed with hyaluronic acid. This does not have the same effect as a lift or breast augmentation but is more supplemental.

I chose the ""invisible scar"" mastopexy, and fortunately, I was a good candidate for it.

When I decided to get a breast lift, I was also worried about scarring. What's the point of having plastic surgery if I'm going to end up with ugly scars? In the end, however, I don't think my scars are very noticeable. I explained my reservations to my surgeon, and she used an incision method that minimized scarring. My scars were fairly red and noticeable for the first few months, but they eventually faded to small white lines. Nowadays (three years post-op) you can barely notice them. I would advise you to stock up on anti-scarring cream before the surgery, though. A combination of creams and silicone scar sheeting really helped me!