My breasts are very deflated, what is a breast lift?

After having my third child my breasts look like deflated balloons on my chest. I breastfed all of my kids so I doubt that helped. Is a breast lift a procedure that would give some life to my boobs again? Or do I need a breast augmentation?


F, 39, California

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I was left with saggy breasts after i stopped breastfeeding my 2 children. They were still in good size so i did not really want implant just the lift. When my surgeon at Forme clinic showed me how they will look after surgery i was happy. They got nice lifted and the shape is also great. So it depends how bad deflated they are. 

In 2014, I had my third child, and my breasts just seemed to disappear, while the skin sagged. I had a combination breast lift and breast augmentation completed in one procedure, and I'm thrilled with the results. My breasts, which were thin and drooping after the pregnancy, are now lifted and the cup size that I requested. I have some faint scars, but they're hidden under my breasts and in the dark tissue around my nipples. If your breasts are flat and sagging, you may benefit from a dual breast lift and augmentation surgery like I had.

Of course, every woman's body is unique, so you will have to have an examination completed by a board-certified plastic surgeon to determine which is best for you. I highly recommend having a plastic surgery done because I'm thrilled with my results! I get to enjoy my baby and a beautiful body.

I was in the same boat as you. After breastfeeding two kids, my breasts simply refused to return to their former shape. They were deflated, the skin was stretched, and the nipples pointed downwards. I decided to make an appointment with a local surgeon, and we discussed whether I wanted a breast lift or a breast lift and an augmentation. My breasts are naturally large, so I chose to forgo the augmentation. During the procedure, the surgeon didn't add any volume to my breasts. He simply lifted and rearranged the existing breast tissue. I believe he also repositioned the nipples and removed some sagging skin. If you're already happy with the size of your breasts, I'd definitely recommend a post-pregnancy breast lift, or even a mommy makeover if you can afford it. If you've always wanted to go up a few cup sizes, however, a breast lift + augmentation is a popular option.

My breasts used to look great. I was happy with my cup size and thought that I looked really good in whatever I chose to wear. That all changed after I had children. Between the changes that happened during pregnancy and the strain of breastfeeding, my breasts looked like they deflated. I just wanted to get back the volume that I used to have. I wasn't sure if a breast lift or breast implants were the answer for me. I had a consultation with my plastic surgeon and discovered that I would benefit from a breast lift. Although I was scared to have a surgical procedure and didn't want the scars, I figured I would be able to deal with them if the lift gave me some more fullness.

As my doctor explained it, breasts begin sagging and looking deflated due to their own weight stretching the breast skin. This is worsened by age due to a loss of the substances that keep your skin tight. After having my third child, I noticed the sagging of my breasts had increased dramatically. As if that wasn't enough, they started pointing downwards and looking quite tired and sad. When I went in for a consultation, my doctor said I was a perfect candidate for a breast lift procedure. He said the procedure basically consists of removing excess skin and reshaping the breasts, making them look perkier and younger. The procedure altered the size of my breasts to some extent, but they looked so healthy and vivacious I did not mind it at all.

I would say that depends on your specific situation. I had a breast lift and breast reduction almost a year ago. My breasts were deflated and huge (36 gg), so the reduction helped tremendously with physical and psychological pain while the breast lift was an added bonus. My breasts would have indubitably been smaller, but they would have remained droopy, so the breast lift made them sit higher on my chest by removing excess breast tissue.

One of my co-workers underwent just a breast lift surgery, and this alone may be all you need. It involves removing extra skin and tightening the tissue around the breasts so that they sit higher on the chest. It's ideal for women who were already comfortable with their breast size.

I have some friends who had breast implants to increase their size, but their breasts were not deflated. If you have deflated breasts then a breast augmentation is not going to do anything for you. You will need either a breast lift or reduction. So, if your breasts are deflated, but not too large or too small, then you would probably benefit from just having a breast lift.