Breast reduction down time

What is the average down time after a breast reduction? When can you drive after the surgery? Is the surgery in or outpatient? On average is recovery period painful?


F, 59, Virginia

Hi there!

I had my breast reduction surgery about 8 months ago and it was on a Thursday. The next day I was able to drive into my town without a problem. I didn't have any pain. 2 days after my surgery I was able to take my dog on a light walk. All I needed to take was 2 Motrin and that was it. By Monday I was back at work. It was a very easy recovery period with barely any pain  

The procedure was outpatient and it took about 2.5hrs. I had to wear a wireless sports bra for about 6 weeks. The first 3 weeks I had to sleep in it. 

I couldn't run or lift heavy weights for at least 6 weeks but walking was not an issue and as I mentioned above I was able to do that 2 days after aurgery  

My scars have gotten a lot lighter and smaller and they will continue to diminish over time. 

Best decision I ever made!!!

good luck!