Breast Reduction and Scarring

What type of scars should I expect if I were to have a breast reduction? I would hope its not that bad :(


F, 47, California

I had a breast reduction and a lift back in February and I had the lollipop incision.  For me I noticed an improvement in scarring about a month ago, my surgeon was very clean and concise so the scar does not look too bad and I know it will continue to fade over time.  You can also use vitamin e on the scars once your doctor gives you the OK, it definitely helps.

Good Luck!

There are two main types of incisions used for breast reduction surgery. One is the vertical or 'lollipop' incision. Patients who have noticeable sagging are often good candidates for a vertical breast reduction. Vertical breast reduction surgery involves two incision sites: one around the perimeter of the areola and a second incision running vertically from the bottom of the areola to the inframammary fold or the crease underneath the breast. Using a vertical incision allows a plastic surgeon to remove excess fat, breast tissue  and skin, while reshaping the larger breast into a smaller, lifted breast. Vertical incisions are the least noticeable of the two reduction incision styles. 

The inverted-T or ‘anchor’ breast reduction involves three incisions: one around the perimeter of the areola, one vertically from the areola to the crease in the breast and one along the crease beneath the breast. This incision style allows a plastic surgeon to remove a significant amount of tissue, while reshaping the larger breast into a smaller one. This incision type is typically used to reduce very large breasts.