Has anyone had Liposuction done to their breasts after they had a Breast Reduction?

I am thrilled with the work my plastic surgeon did on my reduction/lift, but I wish I went a little smaller.  My husband thinks I am fine given my build and he does not think I should do it.  I can't help feeling that they should be a little smaller ( I went from a D cup to a C cup) and I am 5'6 a swimmer and a marathon runner.

I spoke with my surgeon and he said he could do it and I wanted to he could go a 1/2 size smaller but I am torn.  Has anyone done it or know anyone that has had it done?  If so I would love to hear some feedback.




F, 40, California

Liposuction can absolutely be done as a means of further reducing the breast size after a breast reduction.  It works really well with small volume reductions (i.e. one cup size).  As you reduce it more, you run a higher risk of the breasts sagging afterwards and you would then need a breast lift.