Interested in Having a Breast Reduction but I'm Afraid of the Scars. Thoughts?

I'm 45 years old, have 2 children and have been contemplating a breast reduction for a while. I have wanted a breast reduction for a while due to lower back pain, but I'm scared to go through with it because of the size of the scars I'll have after the procedure. Has anyone on here had a breast reduction? If so, what words of encouragement would you offer, as I really want to proceed but I'm nervous! Thanks! 


F, 49, New Jersey

Hi!  I had a breast reduction and lift a few months ago and I am so happy I did it.  I was also very nervous and it took me years to get up the nerve to do it.  I had it done in February of this year and the scars are starting to diminish.  You can use vitamin e to help with the scars or they also have special lotion that will help, but it takes time but it is so worth it, you won't be sorry..The scars are nothing compared to how you will feel after the surgery, and as I mentioned if you use vitamin e or other creams it will help with the scarring.

I was so uncomfortable and unhappy before the surgery and very self-conscious.  

Also, I did not have any pain, just slight discomfort.  They prescribed pain meds for after the surgery but all I took was 2 motrin and that was it.


Good Luck!

The scars you'll have post-op, which in my case faded a lot over the past year, are well worth the pain relief and quality of life difference you'll experience from having the surgery. My large breasts caused chronic neck and back pain. It also inhibited my ability to exercise properly. Reducing the size of my breasts has changed my life so much and the scars are not a big deal in my opinion. They're faint, will get fainter and I can hide them well with a bikini. 

I'm in the same situation. I'm thinking of having a breast lift and reduction, but I'm a little worried about the scars. Curious to see what other people's experiences with a reduction/lift are.