Is it Wise to Have a Breast Reduction to Reduce Neck Pain?

I’m a very small person but somehow ended up with huge breasts (34 FF-cups)… probably my mom’s fault. I feel that the weight of my chest impacts my posture and painfully stretches the ligaments in my neck. Therefore, I am considering getting a breast reduction. I think it would be better for my spine too. Does anyone know if a breast reduction dramatically improves your neck pain? 


F, 38, New York

Neck and back pain were the primary reasons I underwent breast reduction surgery. Many years later, I can say with complete certainty that it dramatically helped with my posture and eliminated my chronic back, shoulder, and neck pain. Heavy breasts put constant strain on your shoulders, which is why the indentations are probably visible on your shoulders from your bra straps. Those indentions are there because the weight of your breasts is constantly pulling down on your upper body. In fact, during my consultation, I learned that the indentations on the shoulders are a deciding factor when it comes to insurance companies covering the cost of the breast reduction. 

Without realizing it, your neck and shoulders are continually having to work to stay upright against the weight of your breasts pulling your upper body downward. This constant tension leads to constant stiffness, which often leads to chronic pain and headaches. You should speak with a surgeon about your individual case, but for myself, it was life changing to get rid of that constant pain and discomfort.

Moderate to severe back, neck and shoulder pain may be experienced as a result of large, heavy breasts. Breast reduction surgery may be considered medically necessary to reduce your neck pain. The stress on your upper body, on your posture and on your spine may create debilitating pain that can be dramatically reduced with breast reduction surgery. Outstanding results have been experienced by many women who have suffered from pain and similar symptoms. 

Breast reduction can improve the size, shape and contour of your breasts, as well as improve your posture, remove pain and discomfort caused by the weight of large breasts and improve your self-esteem and confidence. I recommend that you seek a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Your insurance company may help with the surgery cost if they deem it medically necessary.

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I believe you will find relief from a breast reduction. I was a 36D and my breasts were very heavy and dense. Running was an issue and lots of times my neck would bother me. Not to mention I was always getting chaffed and cut no matter how amazing and supportive my sports bra was.  

I had my reduction surgery about 8 months ago and now I am a small C Cup and it was the best decision I ever made. I am so much more comfortable and I do not have anymore neck pain. 

If you are that uncomfortable i would definitely look into it, also, based on the pain you are in you should definitely check and see if your insurance would cover some of it. It doesn't hurt to ask. 

Good luck!!

Yes - After my breast reduction, it felt like 25 pounds were lifted off my neck and upper back. Getting a breast reduction was up there on the list of absolutely best things I've done in my life. I no longer have chronic neck or back pain and I exercise in comfort. I am very happy with the way my breasts look now and would go through with surgery again in a heartbeat. 

Breast reduction is recommended for relief from the symptoms caused by excessively heavy breasts, including poor posture, back and neck pain.