Long history of back pain and migraine due to large breasts. Need help!

I am really concerned about my large boobs. My friends make fun of it and I hate them staring at my boobs. I have a long history of back pain and migraine due to my large breasts. I am getting married in November. So I am in search of ways to achieve a breast size that is more proportional to my body and I want it to be done before my wedding. I discussed this with my friend and she told me about the breast reduction procedure. She said that breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin, fat, and gland from the breast to reduce the size of the breast. She also said that it had an added benefit of raising a fallen nipple to a more youthful position on the front of the breast. Then she suggested undergoing a breast reduction from a clinic in Mississauga. I am planning to undergo the procedure. Is there anything to be noted before and after the procedure? Please share your insights!


F, Ontario