One Month After Breast Reduction

Hi, everyone! I want to tell you about my breast reduction story, which I hope women in a similar situation will find helpful. Don't worry, it has a happy ending. I have always been a 'lucky woman' and there's very little in my life I can complain about. I have two wonderful children, a great job and a loving husband. In fact, the one thing I've always disliked about myself, is the thing my friends would say I was 'fortunate' to have. The problem is, that for me, it felt more like a burden than a blessing. I know it’s difficult to understand if you have A or B-cups, but imagine waking up in the morning and having two gigantic weights on your chest that barely let you breathe or make it difficult to get out of bed. Doing sports? Yea... I was never able to do that. My heavy breasts pulled my chest forward, making it impossible to run more than 100 feet. 

I don’t think I know a woman who doesn’t get exhausted when hearing the word “shopping”. I wished I got that excited myself. Let’s starts with bras. Shopping for bras was the worst. Every time my girlfriends said: “Hey, let’s go to the new mall because they have great offers on cute lace bras,” I was mentally preparing myself for a big disappointment related to the whole fitting process and bra options. Asking sales women about an EE-cup bra was funny though. Their reaction was always the same: they got confused, stuttered while mumbling some words and then looked at my breasts, curious to see what such a large bust would look like. Of course, they never had the size I needed on sale, but it’s was worth a try. Once in a while, I felt optimistic and tried some DD bras, just in case my boobs shrank a bit overnight without me noticing. Yup, that was *wishful thinking* on my part. Oh, and finding tank tops… or any other tops was a Machiavellian experience, I swear. Only the oversized clothes would fit, which I had bought and then adjusted to my format. This is how I learned to sew by the way… not that this would have been my most desirable hobby. Felt a bit like my grandmother. 

I bet people never thought about it this way. Neck pain, back pain, chest pain - all of which were present each day. I actually didn’t know what it felt like not having physical pain all of the time. Sound strange? This was normal to me. After a while, I just had had enough of it. I started researching on the Internet about what procedures I would need to undertake, their risks, who was a candidate, and so on and so forth. I just needed to find the right doctor and get it over with. Sounds simple, right? It’s not. How do you know which doctor is more trustworthy and who has your best interest in mind rather than how much money they're going to make off of you? After a lot of research, I was getting more and more confused. I didn’t know where to find doctors in my area, or if there were any, and then I couldn’t figure out which one to choose after just visiting their websites. Miraculously, I found This is why I decided to write my personal journey here, because everything became real with just a few clicks. I watched the video on the homepage, decided to give it a try, and then I found myself in the position of choosing my procedure and requesting consultations from doctors. Doctors got back to me quickly and provided me with all the information I needed to make an educated decision on a doctor, and this is how I decided which doctor to pick (Dr M won me over).  Ok, so I set the date and realized this is really going to happen. I haven't felt this kind of excitement since I was 9 years old,  when my mother lied to me about getting a pony (cruel joke mom, I know). My husband, Jack, asked me if I was sure I wanted to go through with my procedure, and I told him this surgery is something I’ve always wanted. He was extremely supportive, he loves me, and said he can’t wait to see me smiling more. What a lucky wife I am, right?

The surgery date arrived and I had to be there a couple of hours earlier, around 7:30 AM. I have to admit, I was a bit scared, but I have dreamt about this day since I was 16. Nothing could have stopped me at this point. I was lucky Dr. M finished the previous surgery earlier, so my 9:30am procedure actually started around 9:00 am. I’m not a big fan of hospitals, but Dr. M made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. So everything got real right instantly. After some tests, I was placed on a bed and wheeled into the OR, where I was introduced to the anesthesiologist, who gave me a dose of anesthetic. “Goodbye, huge boobs! You won’t be missed.” And then everything went black. I woke up what felt like seconds later and saw the nurse asking me how I felt. Dizzy was the word I was searching for… and confused. Is it all done? I wasn't scared at all. Everything felt very peaceful. I fact, I barely felt anything, even though I just had a procedure. That didn’t last long though, unfortunately. Fortunately though, the doctor gave me painkillers to control the pain over the following few nights. I was psychologically prepared for excruciating pain, but it was nothing like that. (Why didn’t I do this years ago??)

It's been a month, and I can’t believe I have small breasts!  This may sound funny, but I find myself touching my breasts just to make sure I'm not dreaming. I can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning, and I feel one thousand times better now than I felt before. I more active, heck, I even started doing yoga with the girls, and soon I’ll be able to sleep on my belly. I walk my dog every night, and I remember how this simple task was a difficult and painful activity not too long ago. I appreciate life more after only one little change to my body. It’s nice to feel attractive and wear the clothes I had always wanted to wear. 

So girls, here is the moral of my story: don’t be afraid to get what you’ve always wanted. Even though people may tell you breast reduction (or any other kind of plastic surgery) is a bad idea,  they don’t have to live everyday in your shoes.  They have no idea what it's like to be in your shows. Build up the courage to do what is best for you and don’t let anyone get in the way of your happiness. We’ve got only one life and one body, do what you want! 

One Month After Breast Reduction, submitted image.One Month After Breast Reduction, submitted image.


F, 42, New Hampshire

I used to have the same issues that you’ve described. I had bad back pain, was unable to participate in athletic activities and would get a bad rash when the weather was hot. The rash looked so terrible that I was embarrassed to be naked in front of my husband. 
It took me a long time to make the decision to finally get breast reduction surgery, but it changed my life so substantially for the better that I would urge other women not to wait. I’ll admit, I was scared about the outcome of my surgery, but my surgeon was wonderful and I love my results. 
I’m from the UK, but had my surgery done in Prague at the Forme Clinic. They did a great job and were very supportive and honest with me during and after my procedure. 
For all the women reading this, do not wait. Breast reduction surgery has allowed me to live a much better life. My back pain is gone, my rashes are gone and I can now participate in athletic activities I only dreamed of before. 

I'm suffering from the same issue. I can't stand the size and weight of my breasts. It's ruining my life. I really want to do something about it but I'm afraid of surgery and what others will think. My own boyfriend jokingly tells me that reducing the size of my breasts is like 'smacking god in the face.' I know deep down he wants me to do what's best for me, but I'm torn. After reading your story, I think I need to just go ahead and get it done. Thank you.