What can I expect during capsulorrhaphy?

Back in 2009 I finally saved up enough money to get the breast reduction surgery I'd always wanted. But I made a big mistake. Because I couldn't really afford this surgery in the first place, I opted to get the work done by whoever could do it for the least money where I live. I've always had great faith in doctors and couldn't imagine a physician telling me they were qualified to do something they obviously were not able to do properly. And worse, this doctor wouldn't even correct the situation unless I paid him more money, and I wasn't about to make the same mistake twice. So ever since my breast reduction surgery I've had lopsided breasts. Anyway, fast forward to 2016 and my finances are much healthier now so I want to get my breasts fixed by a proper doctor. I keep hearing about something called Capsulorrhaphy from people but don't really understand why I would need something like that when I only want to have normal boons that are the same size and hang the same way. Could somebody please explain to me what Capsulorrhaphy actually is and why I would get that when it seems to me like all I need is a proper boob job? Thank you.