Is there any evidence of an effective eyebrow lift cream?

Tags: woman age 45-54 eyebrows lift moisturizer cream

I think we all know most creams barely do anything other than keep your skin moisturized, but I'm curious if anyone here had some results, no matter how small, with a cream that was supposed to lift the eyebrows. I've been searching for one for a while and found nothing.


F, 49, Utah

As you mentioned, creams aren't particularly effective in creating a lasting effect to resemble an eyebrow lift, but rather are just good for moisturizing. That being said, if you're comfortable with the possibility of using Botox or a combination of a Botox treatment and dermal fillers, it'd likely be the least invasive approach to helping you achieve the eyebrow lift that you're looking for. It's completely understandable that you don't want to undergo an intense plastic surgery procedure just to have brows you're happy with, but when it comes down to creams, the inefficacy is too well known to disregard. It's almost amusing that brow lifting creams are still sold on the market successfully given the fact that they don't actually work. It's great that you asked this question to clarify what appears to be a longstanding myth and successful advertising illusion. Well-informed patients like yourself will make for smarter consumers with cosmetic procedures.