Is there a type of brow lift for young patients?

I'm only 28 and I don't think a surgery would be necessary at my age. However, I've seen plenty of young celebrities having a brow lift and I'm pretty sure they've had something non-surgical done. Can you please share your tips on how to lift the brows? I hope it's not surgery.


F, 30, California

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I am in my early thirties, and I had brow lift surgery completed. Eyebrows are such an important facial feature. Eyebrow lifts open your face and help you to get the look that you want. I know that older people complain that their brows droop with age, but that wasn't my problem. I wanted my eyebrows to be higher so that they would emphasize my eyes. The recovery time was shorter than I expected and, all in all, the pain wasn't that bad. There are non-surgical options that some plastic surgeons offer too. I chose the surgery because I want to stay looking my best and wanted to lift my brows permanently. The surgery went smoothly, and I am thrilled with the results. If you want to lift your brows without surgery, you could look into dermal fillers or Botox injections for a temporary lift.

Imagine being 28 and looking much older. My brow fold, sagging skin, and wrinkles also made me look like I was angry all the time. I literally looked old and angry. While I want to fix this problem, I wanted to do it without surgical intervention. As it turns out, I couldn't. But, my doctor told me that there was a less-invasive surgical method. Because my issues are not a severe as they would be if I were older, my doctor thought an endoscopic brow lift was a great option. With an endoscopic procedure, small incisions were made and hidden in my hairline. The procedure removed far less skin and tissue than a more invasive surgical procedure. I was very happy with the results.

I was 29 when I had my eyelid surgery. I had always been unhappy with my eyelid skin. I just had a lot of excess skin, and it made it difficult to wear makeup, because I always felt it was smudging or getting stuck in wrinkles. After the surgery, I had no more wrinkles. I was able to wear whatever makeup I wanted. My eyes looked bigger and more vibrant than ever. I think if I hadn’t gotten the surgery I would have continued to feel ugly in every picture I took.

I feel like it's a tad bit unfair to be comparing yourself to a celebrity who has the connections and resources to access the most talented cosmetologists in the world. The average person often has to settle for a less effective solution than what the celebrity receives. If their "secret" formula is revealed, it would be sold to you at an obnoxious price just for the "branding" that accompanies a celebrity product endorsement. I'd say don't get sucked into all that. The truth of the matter is that while creams claim to help lift your brows, they don't work. Advertisers are just successfully marketing their products. There are filler options, however. If you look into Juvederm and Botox, these are two non-invasive options that could help you achieve the results you're looking for, especially given that you're only 28. I completely agree that you're too young to undergo extensive plastic surgery.

I am not an expert, but maybe investigate PlexR. That is what I am investigating at the moment and sounds very promising.