What are my options for a non-surgical brow lift?

I haven't tried anything surgical or non-surgical to improve my aesthetic appearance, and I never thought I would. Nevertheless, I am now trying to educate myself on brow lifts (so never say never). What do you think a beginner should know about non-invasive procedures for brow lifting?


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There are many different treatment options for the brow including both surgical procedures and non-surgical treatments.  Some things to consider are 1) do you want something permanent or temporary, 2) think about your brow shape, and 3) think about your hairline (is it high/normal/low). Various treatments can alter all of these. Always seek out an expert, making sure they are facial plastic surgery-certified or another special qualification for the face!

Eyebrows are such an essential feature on our face, and they are such a fun way to add drama or personality. Tattooing and makeup are an option if your eyebrows are to thin or lack definition, but my eyebrows were lower than I wanted. I saw a plastic surgeon to get some ideas for updating them and having them lifted. My surgeon recommended Botox injections to raise my brows, and I love the results that I got with pretty much no pain. Now, I go back regularly for maintenance treatment.

Botox injections only take a few minutes and last several months. The muscles that pull my eyebrows downward are injected, and they lift. Botox also works to prevent additional aging as the muscle cannot continue to pull the brow down for several months until the next injection. There are other options that my plastic surgeon mentioned, like Juvederm filler. Injectables, such as Botox and dermal fillers offer long-lasting results without much downtime.

I've had a few different treatments done to lift my sagging brows. Eyebrows are important in today's makeup industry, and whenever I applied makeup to my eyebrows, I saw that they were lower than I wanted them to be. I know there's permanent makeup corrections, including tattooing that can be done. But just having my eyebrows lifted was a solution for me. The Botox brow lift is something that I particularly favor. Botox can be used to raise your eyebrows, and I get excellent results with that.

My doctor applies the Botox injections in just a few minutes to the muscles that are pulling my eyebrows downward. By relaxing these muscles, my eyebrows lift. Botox also works to prevent additional aging as the muscle cannot continue to pull the brow down for several months until the next injection. Another popular option is dermal filler which can lift your brow position. Juvederm filler lasts the longest time from what I remember. Your best choice is to see a plastic surgeon who can give you some options based on your situation and expectations. I like to have the Botox done because I have my crows feet treated and the deep creases on my forehead at the same time that I have my eyebrows lifted.

I recently had an eyebrow lift because I really wasn't getting the results that I wanted with non-surgical options. I will share with you some things that I've researched and some that have tried. Botox injections are probably the easiest way to get a lift in your brows by relaxing the muscles that are pulling them down. Browlift tape is something that I tried and pretty much laughed about afterward. Injectable fillers like Juvederm and Restylane can also provide some brow lifting by adding fullness. The best results are achieved with the eyebrow lift. You could see a cosmetic surgeon to ask about what they would recommend for you.

I think this really depends on what you’re comfortable with and if you have a good doctor. Some doctors do push medical procedures, so it’s best to ask what parts of your face would be different and how much difference there would be. If you have lots of excess eyelid skin and low brows, then why not? It’s your face.

My eyelid surgery was in 2014 and I just had a brow lift procedure last year. I wish that I would have done them at the same time because I waited and the brow lift really has changed my face. I look younger and I get compliments on my youthful appearance all the time. I’ve never had to say that I had the surgery either. It just looked natural. I think most people do the eyelift first because it’s more common and less expensive.

I do know that there have been some stories about the procedures changing the look of the face too much, in that too much skin is removed. I would say to look at before and after pictures from the doctor first, really ask as many questions as possible. Feel free to ask me any specific questions. I’m in love with my face after years of feeling older than dirt!

If you're looking for a non-invasive procedure as an alternative to a surgery such as a lift, you're in luck. Even though plastic surgery will give you dramatically noticeable results, it's also highly likely that a a combination of both Botox injections and Juvederm can give you a brow lift you'll be happy with. Of course this depends on the severity of your situation and whether you have sagging skin anywhere. The Botox treatment will be instrumental in helping the muscles to stay in place and relax while the Juvederm can be used to move your brow into the proper place. The positioning of the brow can make all the difference between a youthful appearance or if the effects of aging are beginning to show, so I totally understand wanting to explore this option. Just because you haven't undergone cosmetic surgeries in the past, you don't have to count them out.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of Non-Surgical Brow Lift options. However, I do have to say that non-surgical treatment options are not as good as invasive brow lift surgery. Also, non-surgical solutions are often not permanent. I wasn't interested in going under the knife, so I was thrilled to know that I could get a brow lift without having to do so. My plastic surgeon gave me several options. These options included Ultherapy, Botox, and fillers. Or, a combination of Botox and fillers. By combining these two procedures, my doctor was able to relax the muscles underneath my brow area and create an eyebrow lift using Juvederm. The procedure lasts about a year. I started to see results a few months after my procedure and was very happy.