What brow lift filler is the best?

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Are doctors using fillers to lift the brows? If yes, which one does the best job: lasts longer, has better results etc? There're lots of fillers on the market, each one with it's specific attributes. There must be one for brow lifts too.


F, 28, California

While dermal fillers can help create the effect of a surgical brow lift to a certain degree, it's not the most obvious method. Many Hollywood make up artists will use tricks using white eyeshadow to enhance the high appearance of the eyebrows on the actor, something that works for the purposes of TV. In a surgical environment where a licensed plastic surgeon is able to take advantage of using fillers to lift the brow area. Yes, it's more serious when injections such as dermal fillers are involved, but this should only happen within the confines of a medical office where the staff are fully certified and trained. If you're comfortable with the use of dermal fillers being used in your eyebrows, possibly even with a combination of Botox, you will be able to get a look that you'll be happy with. Best of luck!