Why is Botox used for eyebrow lifts?

I know Botox injections are used by doctors to relax muscles in the forehead. Wouldn't this be the exact opposite effect I'd want with an eyebrow lift?


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I have Botox treatments to lift my brows, treat my crows feet and relax the facial muscles in my eye area. The plastic surgeon that I go to gave me some options that would lift my brows, and I chose Botox because there isn't any downtime, and it's easy. I'm not ready for a surgical brow lift; I just want a boost that makes me look refreshed and younger. From what I've read online, Botox is what suits my needs most and gives me the best results. The Botox treatment is injected into the muscles above my brows. When these muscles are treated, my brows relax and lift.

I've had Botox injections to treat crows feet and wrinkles around my eyes, as well as the creases on my forehead and to relax the muscles that control my eyebrows and pull them downward. Botox is used to treat the muscles that cause the brows to droop. The pain-free injections weaken the muscle that pulls the brow downward. It was a pain-free process with quick results.

When I told my doctor that I wanted a non-surgical eyebrow lift to look younger, she immediately suggested a Botox brow lift. I was somewhat confused because I thought Botox was used to relax muscles. She explained that the Botox injections would relax the muscles underneath my eyebrows. Because those muscles are relaxed, my forehead muscles would be able to pull those muscles up. My eyebrows would get raised and my eyes would open up more. Again, the results are not the same as the results you would get with a surgical procedure. However, the results of my eyebrow lift are great. My procedure only took 15 minutes and I saw the full results within a week. The results from my Botox treatment to my brow area will last around six months.

You need botox to soften the face and make it look younger. Eyebrow lifts basically just remove excess skin and possibly move your brows up if you want to change their position. I wanted my face to have a more youthful appearance. I had lots of excess skin around my eyes, and it just always made me feel terrible to wear makeup or I’d see selfies where my eyes just looked really tired and worn.

The surgery changes all that. I had forehead wrinkles that developed due to frowning, and I just wanted to smooth out all of the wrinkles and get rid of the sagging lines around my eyes. The forehead lift really combined the eyelid surgery and brow surgery together. I get compliments every day on my face and especially my eyes. I don’t think anyone knows that I’ve had the work done, but I don’t mind if asked. It’s how I feel now that matters. If you have any questions, just send me anything. I’m happy to help!

While it may sound counterintuitive to use Botox in combination with an eye lift, it actually makes sense because Botox will relax the muscles and make it easier for the surgeon to change the positioning of your eyebrow. A combination of both Botox and Juvederm can help you achieve a "botox brow lift" you'll be happy with. Of course this depends on the severity of your situation and whether you have sagging skin anywhere. The Botox will be major in helping the muscles to stay put and relax while the Juvederm can be used to move your brow into the proper place. While Juvederm is one option for moving your eyebrow, your surgeon can best assess which approach would be most appropriate for your situation. You can even ask the plastic surgeon exactly why Botox is used for eyebrow lifts--it's a fair question and your surgeon's there to help answer your questions.