What actually happens during a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Is there anything fake going into your body or is it just the doctor rearranging some junk in your trunk to make it look plumper?


F, 35, New York

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My wife had a BBL. From my understanding, fat can be removed from your back, hips, thighs and abdomen through liposuction. This fat is then reinjected through a small incision in your derrière. She was very satisfied with her results. Good luck to you! 

A BBL is done by doing liposuction in the buttocks area and removing stubborn fat from unwanted places like your thighs and/or parts of your butt.  Then you can re-shape the butt and give it a more full look.  If you have lost a significant amount of weight then the BBL is not the correct surgery for you.  Large weight loss patients should look into a traditional butt lift.

This doesn't even seem that "fake" to me.  Its just a way to basically move around your fat to a different area of your butt and shape it :)