Are calf implants enough to correct bow legs?

Surgery to straighten bow legs is difficult for adults and also quite expensive. I feel like calf implants can't be enough to correct my legs. Unfortunately, my parents didn't do an early intervention and I ended up with a lateral curve in my legs. Now I'm weighing my options. Did calf implants do the job for you?


M, 40, New Jersey

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Personally, calf implant surgery was a fantastic choice for me. I had bow legs that were fairly noticeable, though I have seen people with worse bow legs than me. During the surgery, they placed these implants along the inner edge of my legs to help even out the overall appearance. I really love the results of my surgical procedure. My legs look much more even now, and my lower legs have a nice curvy shape along the back. However, when I first called to set up a consultation with a surgeon, they did mention that calf implants may not work for some people with bow legs. If your curve is too wide, you may need surgery to correct the underlying deformity because it can end up causing some serious posture problems. You'll probably need to actually have a doctor examine you before you can decide whether or not calf implant surgery will work for you.

Yes, calf augmentation can help people with bowed legs. If you get calf implants, it reduces and may even eliminate the visible appearance of bowed legs. However, it also depends on the expertise of the surgeon and you'll also need a physical exam to see if there are any possible complications to worry about. The surgeon can provide recommendations on what type of implant would work best for you and where to place them in order to reduce the appearance of your bow legs altogether.

There are a small number of plastic surgeons who specialize in this operation, so you may have to look in different areas where they are, like California and New York. Silicone implants are typically used, and placed in a small incision that is made just behind the knee. In most cases, the implants will reshape the bottom portion of the legs.

In the consultation with the plastic surgeon, you should discuss where the calf implant will be placed and ask about any reshaping that could help your legs appear more natural. While the augmentation can't improve all aspects of bow legs, it can certainly smooth and fill in the areas where you may be missing calf muscle. There are additional exercises that bow-legged patients may have to do in order to ensure that their legs remain the right shape with the implants. Ankles and legs must be strengthened in order to support the muscles in the calf and decrease the likelihood of implant shifting.

Calf implants provided me with the look that I wanted. There are many things to consider before deciding if you want to undergo calf augmentation surgery, like the recovery period, if you want to go with silicone implants or fat transfer, and if calf implant surgery will really give you the results that you are looking for. Honestly, if you've done a bit of research, the next step would be to speak with the best board certified plastic surgeon that you can afford to find out if they would be able to get you the results that you want. You should see a plastic surgeon who specializes in calf augmentation and ask to see before and after photos of other patients with lateral curves.

Most patients who seek calve implants do so because they wanted larger legs, especially in the calf area. My situation was a bit different. I wanted calf implants to correct my bow legs. My bow legs have always been a source of embarrassment for me. I would often get teased about the way I looked when I was younger. At my consultation, I asked if calf implants would correct my bowed legs. My doctor was honest and said no. Calf implants do not correct bowed legs. However, carefully placed implants can decrease the appearance of bowed legs. I decided that I wanted to have less noticeable bowing and underwent the procedure. I can say that I'm glad that I made this decision. While it didn't fix the condition, I do look a lot better and honestly, it's helped with my self-esteem.