Is a calf augmentation with fat more costly?

And if yes, by how much? Is fat grafting considered a different procedure?


M, 34, California

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It is more expensive to do it with fat and grafting than just getting implants. This is because there are more small incisions and it takes more time to complete the procedure than just the regular calf augmentation with silicone implants. It also depends on how realistic you want your legs to look and what implant size you choose to go with. Obviously, fat grafting provides a more realistic appearance and shape. Fat grafting is also performed under general anesthesia and it takes about an hour or 2 to perform the entire procedure, but this depends on the doctor and where they are pulling the fat from to inject into the lower leg. If you want more muscle and definition in your upper inner calves, calf augmentation with fat grafting is better than just the regular implant.

Cost also varies by where you get the procedure. In California, I paid around $6,000 for a calf augmentation with fat grafting. However, if you get more than one implant or need more customization, you could have a higher cost.

I work out often. But I noticed that no matter how much exercising I did, my calves would not change. I hated having an upper body that looked like I worked out, but lower body that looked like I avoided my legs. After years of trying to get great looking calves, at 38, I decided to get a calf augmentation. Calf implants are not cheap. My doctor said my surgery would cost around $6,000. However, I wanted more natural-looking calves, so my doctor suggested calf implants with fat transfer.

The cost of a calf augmentation with fat transfer will cost more. I paid about $10,000 for the service. The calf augmentation does cost more because it involves an additional liposuction procedure. I have to say, I'm glad that I paid the extra money. My calves look great and incredibly natural. People who know me complimented me on how great my calves looked after cosmetic surgery.

I have a very small bone structure, and I always joked that I had chicken legs. I considered calf augmentation surgery for years. I look into both calf implants and fat grafts, and I saw a plastic surgeon who specialized in both procedures to get a professional assessment. Calf implant surgery cost between 4,000 and 6,000 dollars after all the costs, including general anesthesia. The cost of the calf augmentation with fat transfer depends on your treatment plan, including the amount of fat and the area it is taken. The final price is about the same as implants.

I chose to have calf augmentation with fat transfer over the calf implants. I'm in good shape and exercise frequently, so I had them remove fat from my abdomen to accentuate my abdominal muscles. You have them remove fat from your upper thighs, abdomen, love handles or another area that would like to have decreased. They treat the fat before injecting it into your calves. They removed my fat and injected it during the same procedure, but you would have to see a surgeon for specifics. Make sure that you ask for before and after photos of other patients and check to make sure the surgeon has a thorough background and is a board-certified plastic surgeon.

On average, it costs about two thousand dollars more to have a fat transfer to your calf muscle, than to have a silicone implant. For men, the surgery is centered around making your legs look more muscular. For a fat transfer the surgery is a lot more complicated because the fat shrinks down as soon as it is removed from the body. Depending on how thick your leg is, the results may appear to be lumpy and results may not last as long if you choose to do a fat transfer. The silicone implants last for a very long time and always make your leg look thick and muscular.

When I was going over potential costs for my calf augmentation, I did notice that it was significantly cheaper to go with fillers or silicone implants. The cost for calf augmentation itself remained the same regardless of which option I chose, but then I had to decide between paying for a fat transfer procedure or paying for the fillers. I seem to remember it being about $1,000 more to choose a calf augmentation that included a fat transfer. The extra charge is basically because choosing a fat transfer means that you are adding another surgical procedure to the process. Before they can inject fat, they have to remove it from an area of the body with excess fat and prepare it for injection. I've heard that this makes recovery a little tougher too and that fat transfer results are less reliable, so I ended up going with normal calf implants instead.