Cellfina vs Velashape: Which is best at treating cellulite?

Both Velashape and Cellfina are supposed to treat dimpling cellulite, but they do it in a very different way, and I'm not sure which one would be the most effective for me. I have a lot of dimples on my butt and some on my upper thighs, too. If I go see a doctor, which procedure do you think he'll recommend?


F, 30, Utah

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After talking with my doctor, I ended up going with Cellfina as a cellulite treatment. Both treatments are effective on all types of cellulite, so your decision will mostly just rely on what sort of procedure you prefer. Velashape is a noninvasive procedure, which is nice if you're scared of surgery, but it does require repeated sessions. I decided to select Cellfina because you get instant results instead of having to go multiple times. The deep dimples on my lower butt were smoothed out as soon as the procedure was done. Cellfina is also nice because the results last for a couple years instead of fading within a few months. It's been over a year since I got Cellfina, and I still haven't noticed a return of cellulite.

I have had both Cellfina and VelaShape done for cellulite reduction. I think that I have an especially stubborn form of cellulite. No amount of exercising and dieting could put a dent in it. All of the cellulite creams and scrubs I purchased online or at the store did not do a thing. I feel like I gave every noninvasive option a chance to work, and I never even saw a small difference (and believe you me, I was really looking for it). I finally gave in and saw a doctor. Under his suggestion for the best results, I had VelaShape done to remove extra fat. After I recovered, I began getting Cellfina treatments to smooth out my cellulite. I had to receive all of my treatments several months apart, but it was well worth it in my opinion. After trying and failing to get rid of this embarrassment for so long, I finally found workable solutions to my problem.

I'm 35 and am very self-conscious about my cellulite. My cellulite is on my legs. Needless to say, wearing shorts and skirts were out of the question. I really wanted to treat my cellulite and hopefully find a way to permanently get rid of it. I recently read an article about Cellfina and its effectiveness in treating cellulite. My doctor said that Velashape would also treat my cellulite. There are other treatment options like cellulaze and thermage but my doctor was higher on Velashape and Cellfina cellulite treatment. This treatment uses heat energy and suction to minimize fat cells. While my cellulite would be reduced, the results are not permanent. They tend to last six months to two years.

Cellfina is one of the newest techniques. Cellfina uses tiny needles that apply pressure to the cellulite, releasing the connective tissue bands that cause cellulite. The procedure is a highly-effective, long-term solution for the treatment of cellulite. While this is still an outpatient procedure, I would experience bruising, swelling, and minimal bleeding. As long as I don't gain weight, the results are lasting. Cellfina is more expensive than Velashape.

I decide on Cellfina because I really wanted to do something that would give me permanent results. I took a month for me to see the full result. I was amazed at how my cellulite was completely gone. I could know where clothing that I was too embarrassed to wear.

I think it’s great that you are weighing your options and doing research on cellulite removal treatments. Both VelaShape and Cellfina are FDA cleared treatments, so I think your doctor would have a hard time recommending which one to go for. It also would depend on how deep your dimples are. Also, the treatments are very different. I went for VelaShape because I’m a bit scared when it comes to needles. VelaShape uses a high-frequency energy tool that smooths the skin. It took several visits for my cellulite to go away but I loved it. Cellfina sounded too scary for me because they use a small needle device, but my best friend had it done and she said it didn’t hurt. Her results were good too.

If I were a doctor, I would definitely recommend Cellfina. I had a Cellfina procedure, and I am so pleased with my results. Before my Cellfina treatment, I thought about getting Velashape and discussed this body contouring procedure with my plastic surgeon. Velashape uses radiofrequency and massage to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. I decided Velashape was not for me because I heard that a lot of patients require several treatments before getting their desired results. And then every few months, you have to get touch-ups to maintain your results. The Cellfina procedure involves using a microblade to separate the fibrous bands of tissue that form cellulite. It is a one-time treatment, and you would be amazed by how dimple-free your "trouble spots" look almost immediately after the treatment.