How does the Cellfina device work?

The Cellfina device has some long blades, which means I'll need at least some local anesthetics to numb the area before the procedure. It doesn't look very sophisticated; how is it able to reduce and hide cellulite? Needless to say, exercising didn't help.


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When I had the FDA-cleared Cellfina treatment done on my thighs, they used a small device that had a couple of long needle-looking things coming out of it. After numbing the area, my doctor made a really tiny cut on my leg that he used to stick the needle parts in. The basics of what this miracle device does is simple. The needles slip easily into the incision spots and from there, the doctor begins severing the tiny little tissue bands that connect your skin to your fat layer. When the bands are disconnected from the fat it allows your skin to spring back up into plushy smoothness. After I had the procedure done, there was limited downtime. I was a little sore for the next week, but it was nothing that kept me away from work for more than one week. I probably could have went back sooner, but I decided to take an extended break instead.

I know how you feel. I used to exercise frequently, but I just could not get rid of my stubborn cellulite. Luckily, I got the Cellfina procedure, and now my thighs are smooth and firm again. During my Cellfina treatment, my plastic surgeon placed a suction device (I don’t know the proper name for it) on my cellulite spots. Then, he used a small blade cut away the connective bands of tissue that create the dimpled cellulite. I was not in any pain during the procedure because my doctor treated the cellulite areas with an anesthetic. It is a blessing to no longer have “cottage cheese” thighs. I feel more attractive and confident than I ever have before.

I won’t lie, I was very nervous about having my cellulite removed even if this was just a minimally invasive procedure. The staff who performed the Cellfina treatment on me were professional and put my mind at ease once they explained how it worked. The device actually was small needle-sized blades. They make tiny cuts in the areas where you have cellulite and cut through the fibrous bands of skin that hold your cellulite in place. They gave me a local anesthesia that wore off in a few hours and I didn’t feel a thing during the treatment. My cellulite is gone, and my skin is nice and smooth now. Get a consultation to see if you are a good candidate for the cellulite treatment and you’ll see that there’s nothing to worry about.

Like you, I was a bit intimidated when I saw the Cellfina needles, but the procedure was surprisingly simple and painless. Plus Cellfina works! The first thing they did was have me stand while they marked all the cellulite dimples I wanted removed. Then a local anesthetic was applied, which was really the most painful part of the process for me. The actual Cellfina device is just this handheld thing that slides a microblade underneath your skin. Once it's inside, the microblade moves in this fanning motion to cuts all the thick fiber connective tissue bands that are pulling down on the skin and causing cellulite. It took a little while for all the swelling and bruising to fade, but the end result was pretty impressive. My thighs and butt look so much smoother now.