Can yoga reduce cellulite by improving muscle tone?

The Internet is full of articles about how good yoga is for reducing cellulite in troubled areas. On the other hand, there are articles that say cellulite cannot be treated through exercising. What should I believe?


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I practiced yoga for several months in an attempt to get rid of my uninvited orange peel inner thighs and buns. I would get up early in the morning to do it as well as do an evening round after dinner. Most days I was able to squeeze in a quick session in the afternoon since I work from home. Doing all these yoga poses tightened my thighs and butt, my stomach shrank, and I felt good, but it did almost nothing for my cellulite. I’ve read accounts from people online about how yoga gave them a smooth, firm body, but all I’ve gotten is a firmer muscle tone.

I have been very successful about keeping cellulite off through yoga. I practice it two or three times a day, if I’m able to, and it has kept my body firm as a rock. I can’t fully credit yoga to the absence of my cellulite. Yoga moves do a lot, but it can’t fully diminish skin lumps on its own. Cellulite forms from more than excessive fat or soft muscles. It begins to appear when our skin stops producing as much collagen and elastin (which keeps it plush and stretchy). This starts happening around our mid-twenties. The important nutrients must be replaced in order to maintain smoothness. I take a supplement mixture consisting of biotin, marine collagen, with an occasional vitamin E capsule mixed in. I also make sure that I apply a moisturizing lotion to my skin every night before I go to bed. I really rub it in to make sure my skin absorbs the lotion’s nutrients as fully as possible. The creams have probably aided in my cellulite reduction as well.

At one point of my life I realized I had acquired an unsightly amount of cellulite on my thighs and belly. I no longer looked cute in a bikini, and my confidence had taken a nose dive. Depressed, I turned to the internet to fix my issue. I stumbled across a site advertising yoga as a way to tone muscles, increase blood flow and reduce cellulite. Intrigued, I read about success stories and decided what the heck, I’d give it a try. I have not regretted it. My cellulite has practically disappeared from practicing yoga in my living room five times a week and taking collagen supplements to restore my skin’s elastin along with using moisturizing lotions and creams. I also eat a low carb diet to prevent weight gain and the hated cottage cheese lumps that come with it.

As an avid practitioner of yoga, I can confidently say that yes, yoga will definitely fight cellulite outbreaks. That being said, yoga alone will not be enough to beat it back. I can personally attest to the fact that practicing a low carb diet, staying hydrated, and showing love towards your largest organ (your skin) will lead to the repression of unwelcomed cellulite on your body. I have been practicing since I was a teenager, and I have yet to develop any dimpled skin. I have also witnessed people in my yoga class start out with very noticeable cellulite on their legs, but after a few weeks, a majority of it disappeared.

I have always used exercise to prevent cellulite from developing in my skin. It has been my personal experience that working out four or five days a week for 1–3 hours a day will keep cellulite from forming. It’s a good idea to do exercises that target the muscles in the areas you are trying to rid yourself of it. Cellulite tends to pop up in the leg and buttocks area the most, so squats and side lunges every day can be very beneficial to these high risk areas. I have never done it myself, but I imagine yoga would have the same benefits and strengthen your connective tissues.