Do cellulite creams ever work?

I'm very skeptical in general, so I never tried any cream which promises to do wonders with my cellulite. What is your opinion on these "miracle" creams? Are any of them worth a try?


F, 49, Pennsylvania

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Creams made for cellulite reduction have always worked for me. My cousin, however, thinks they’re all just scams in a plastic tube. I think it doesn’t work for her because of the types of creams she buys. I try to get ones that list caffeine as one of the main ingredients because I’ve read that caffeine promotes blood circulation which in turn discourages cellulite from forming. I also use one of those brushes that are made to speed up blood circulation when used in a problem area. I’ve never had a problem making my cottage cheese lumps disappear using these tricks, unlike my poor cousin who won’t use the brush or be more selective about the creams she buys. My cousin is now looking into plastic surgery procedures to try and reduce her cellulite.

It is in my opinion that tubes of cellulite cream work the exact same as a do-it-yourself scrub that you can make at home for less money. I went through so many different brands of "the best cellulite cream on the market" in an attempt to do damage control on my legs and bottom. Some of them worked really well, some worked okay, and some did not work all. I hit a financial bad patch and was unable to purchase even the most modestly priced of creams. I could not just walk around with lumpy legs, however, so I went to the internet in search of a free possible alternative. My search turned up a variety of scrub mixtures that were all pretty much the same. The common ingredient they all seemed to have was caffeinated coffee. Apparently, caffeine is the key ingredient in both the scrubs and the creams and is what makes them work so well. I tried a few different ones out before settling on a scrub mix that I liked. After my finances took an upswing, I started buying the creams again. I use them in combination with my scrubs and have had very smooth legs as a result. It's important to stay on top of your skincare regimen. Also, don't neglect regular exercising. This can help tighten your connective tissues and prevent/reduce cellulite.

It has been my personal experience so far, that cellulite products are massively overrated. I have spent quite a bit of money over the years on creams that promise they are the one that will totally reverse my cellulite, but I always end up seeing minimal change at the most. It is my belief that these creams tend to work on smaller people better than they do on larger people. I think heavier people, such as myself, have more fat pushing its way through their damaged collagen barrier, and that makes it harder to fight with only the creams. I eventually gave up on purchasing these products for myself because I didn’t feel like the results were worth the purchase. Losing some weight is probably my best option to improve my blood flow and collagen production with a healthier body. However, as you age the collagen production is significantly reduced, so it is possible that I may have to look into some cosmetic cellulite treatment down the line if I still feel uncomfortable with my dimply skin.

I have always had success with the creams I use. I was a little skeptical at first as well, but after I started using them I noticed improvement after about two weeks. I’ve found some brands that don’t seem to work at all, but that’s been pretty rare for me. The only times I have a problem with my cellulite is when I stop using the creams consistently. I think the secret to seeing results with an anti-cellulite cream is to use it every day and allow the ingredients to build up in your skin. I think that sporadic use will only get rid of it so much - if it gets rid of it at all.

I feel as though I have tried every cellulite cream under the sun. With some it seems as if there was a slight, if temporary, change, but I have noticed no change with most creams. I eventually got tired of wasting my money and began looking for alternative methods online. I discovered that controlling my cellulite was not so much about elimination as it was about prevention. I began eating a low carb diet and regularly exercising. The weight loss has helped my body tighten up. I have noticed that applying lotions that are heavy in elastin and vitamin E helps to beat the cellulite back. It also faded my scars!