Does running get rid of cellulite?

Now that the weather got better, I can go for a run around the park in the evening, and since running is good for toning your butt, I figured it would be good for getting rid of cellulite as well. I've read a lot of opinions about it, and I don't understand why there doesn't seem to be any "real" answer for how to get rid or at least reduce cellulite. Do you think I could see visible differences if I run every night?


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Don't exercise too much. You might injure yourself. I'm also starting to get cellulite and I'm scared what I'd look like by the age of 30. So I've gotten into the habit of running every weekend. At this age, running for a few weeks quickly removed my cellulite. I'll maintain my exercise routine to keep cellulite at bay or lessen it for the rest of my life. I'm gonna have to be healthy like user1688426.

I don’t run, because I hate it, but I do exercise a lot. I’ve managed to keep cellulite at bay through doing a bunch of squat-like exercises, and I do a little bit of body toning yoga here and there to keep my bodies blood flow up. I think running would get rid of your cellulite, but just as long as you did it regularly. Keeping your skin hydrated will also help keep away cellulite, so definitely drink a lot of water (especially if you’ll be running long distances). I also use a lot of lotion on my skin (I like to keep it baby soft), so it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to run to the store and grab a tub of cocoa butter or something like it. Also remember that a healthy lifestyle includes a balanced diet with with lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

I think the reason there is no "real" answer for getting rid of cellulite is that cellulite is simply the way women's bodies are constructed. The bumpy appearance of cellulite occurs because there are these vertical bands of tissue that connect your skin to your muscle. From what I've heard, building muscle and losing body fat can help reduce cellulite, but you cannot get rid of it altogether. In my experience, running can be an excellent way to both lose fat and build muscle. My lower body definitely ended up looking a lot smoother and more toned when I was running regularly. However, I would caution against running every single day of the week because it can cause injuries to worsen. My old running coach always encouraged us at least a couple rest days to give our bodies time to heal between runs.

Regularly exercising has really reduced the amount of cellulite I have peeking out from around my booty and thigh area. I go on three mile runs several times a week, and it seems to really make a difference. I also do other leg exercises throughout the week, like raised heel squats and step ups, to help smooth things out. I have noticed that dehydration is one of cellulite’s best friends, so I make a point to drink plenty of water in an attempt to keep my epidermis happy and hydrated. Practicing all these health hacks together has kept the lumpiness at bay much more efficiently than if I had tried running or dieting on its own.

I’m impressed that you are running every day, I think that will go a long way in making your cellulite look less obvious. I am also a runner and I run rain or shine now. I think I’m becoming a bit of a fitness junkie to be honest! So, I’ve been running daily for over a year now and I’ll tell you that I still do have some visible cellulite but it’s nowhere as bad as it was before I became so active. My personal trainer recently told me that just running alone isn’t going to solve the cellulite problem. We should be doing high intensity interval training and strength training to help really tone and get rid of the bumpy skin completely. What you eat is really important too. Try cutting out sugar and eat whole foods that are high in vitamins to help your skin.