Is cellulite bad for you? Should I see a doctor?

I had cellulite since grade school, when I started to go through puberty. Over the years, the lumps got worse and I started worrying it might be bad for my health, too, not just aesthetically unpleasing. Does it have any impact on health? Can it be a sign of something worse?


F, 37, Florida

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I don't have cellulite yet. I'll have it in a few years. I think you're okay, though. Cellulite is a natural part of the skin and it won't kill you. Just to be sure, see a doctor.

I think if you are really worried then definitely go see a doctor, but if you feel good otherwise then just work on ways to reduce your cellulite. You said that you’ve had the lumps since puberty. Has a doctor ever said anything about them? I will tell you that I have some very large and unpleasant looking cellulite and my doctor’s visits have always gone very well. He has mentioned some cellulite treatments that I could partake in. I don’t have any health issues at all, so having cellulite doesn’t seem to be bad for you. After I lost some weight I still had the lumps, but since I’ve changed my diet to cut out sugar and to eat more whole foods my skin has been looking better.

I’ve had cellulite since I entered into puberty as well. It’s nothing to worry about. Cellulite is just fat that pokes through skin that has become damaged and gotten too thin. Some people start out earlier in life with broken down skin (blame genetics, I guess?), while other people’s skin doesn’t start to break down until they hit their late twenties. The best thing to do when this begins to happen, is to try and replace the depleted collagen and elastin. I use cellulite creams and lotions for severely dry/damaged skin. These are the type that contain vitamin E, aloe vera, collagen, coconut butter, caffeine, or shea butter. I try to apply a coat at least twice a day, and it has paid off. I have a lot less noticeable cellulite than I did when I was younger.

You're probably safe and perfectly healthy. Cellulite itself typically is not dangerous, and what you're going through sounds pretty normal. My cellulite has also gotten worse with age since my skin has thinned and I've gained a bit of weight. All the women in my family have had it for years without developing any issues because it's basically just clusters of fat cells underneath your skin. There are some medical procedures that can help to treat cellulite, so if you are feeling really uncomfortable with your cellulite, you could always visit a plastic surgeon to talk about getting rid of it. You could also visit a doctor if you are concerned that you have something besides cellulite. Cellulite is typically soft and has a dimpled, orange peel textured look. If yours is feeling firm or pebbly, it might be something else that requires medical attention.

I’ve had large amounts of cellulite for most of my life. It’s not dangerous to your health, it’s just not nice to look at. When I went through a phase of trying to get rid of it, I learned that it was impossible. Everybody has cellulite, some people just hide it better. Good ways to tame it down are to regularly exercise to maintain a healthy weight, drink lots of water, and be selective about what you eat. My thigh dimples use to bother me, but after I learned that everybody has cellulite, it stopped bothering me as much. I practice techniques that repress it, but I have completely given up on ever truly getting rid of it, and I’m okay with that. As long as I can keep it to a couple spots and not a full leg of cottage cheese I will be ok.