Is it possible to maintain cellulite-free skin forever?

My skin is flawless right now (I'm 22 yo), but I'm afraid things will change once I get older. A lot of my friends already have cellulite dimples you can see though their leggings (I'm not joking). Can I do anything to avoid it or it's inevitable?


F, 24, New Jersey

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I’ve had cellulite since I was 15 years old. Everybody has it; it just takes longer to show on some people. I’ve discovered a lot of options online that take care of cellulite – everything from surgery to do-it-yourself home remedies to increase collagen production. I’ve done a lot of experimenting over the years, and I think I’m a bit of an expert at being able to tell what will work and what will flop. After years of trial and error, I have managed to keep my cellulite at a tolerable enough level to get away with short skirts and skin tight leggings. Retaining as little body fat as possible helps with prevention, but it’s not enough. I regularly do a light daily exercise that is designed to keep everything relatively firm and prevent fat cells from building up in unwanted areas. I try to remember to apply lotion all over my body every day in an attempt to keep my skin from becoming too dry and tight. I make a cellulite scrub out of coffee grounds and olive oil and apply it twice a week. The caffeine within the coffee is really good at smoothing out unwanted leg wimples. I can never fully fight them back, but since I started doing these tricks, I have less cellulite than I did before.

It is inevitable that you will eventually have to actively begin fighting the appearance of cellulite and excess fat. We women are genetically prone to packing it on in the thigh/belly/butt department as we get older, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. I was 27 when I first noticed the telltale signs of cellulite quietly creeping up on my legs and behind. Horrified, I ran to online fitness advice columns to try and find a solution to reduce the appearance of this dimpling skin. I began taking my diet and exercise routine a whole lot more seriously. I started applying topical creams which restored elasticity back into my skin alongside fighting back dimpled skin.

I've had cellulite since I was 14, so I'm a bit jealous you've managed to prevent cellulite for so long! Unfortunately, it is true that cellulite gets worse with age unless you're one of the lucky few women who just don't have it. Cellulite is basically just caused by these tough bands of connective tissue that attach the skin to your muscles. In many cases, the cause of cellulite is just hidden by your skin right now. Skin thins and sags with age, making the cellulite more apparent. By the time I was 30, the cellulite dimples were so deep that you could see them unless I wore thick compression leggings to workout. You might be able to slow the appearance of cellulite by living an overall healthy lifestyle and avoiding weight gain. Drinking plenty of water and eating antioxidant rich foods can help to maintain skin collagen and thickness. It might be a bit inevitable that you get cellulite, but if you really hate how it looks, you can always visit a plastic surgeon and get surgery to remove it.

I was in fantastic shape when I was 22 years old. Everything was sitting high and firm. I didn’t even have to work out or diet to maintain my figure. By 25 that all caught up with me. I gained 100 pounds, and my skin was beginning to show the effects of chain smoking cigarettes and poor dietary choices. I had some serious cottage cheese from my belly to my knees. I quit smoking, ate a healthy diet, and began to regularly exercise. Sit-ups, squats, and lunges were the most responsible for getting rid of my cellulite. I also started applying liberal amounts of lotions and cellulite creams designed for heavily dry or damaged skin. Keeping my skin healthy has strongly aided in repressing my cellulite. Living healthy and taking care of your body could help to prevent the pop up of cellulite for a long time to come.

I have, luckily, never had an issue with unwanted cellulite popping up on my butt and thighs. My poor sister, on the other hand, has struggled with it since she was a teen. She went through various cellulite treatments including creams, scrubs, and at home DIY remedies. After a lot of experimenting, she managed to attain a balance of solutions that seemed to work well together to dramatically reduce her cellulite. She practices muscle burning yoga most evenings and has become very careful about what she eats to prevent herself from gaining extra weight. She keeps her high risk zones heavily moisturized with lotion and Vaseline, which aids in smoothing down the lumps, and uses cellulite scrubs instead of soap when she gets into the shower. It hasn't been a cure but it has been quite an improvement from her cellulite problems before.

I learned the hard way that as we age into our twenties, our metabolisms slow down along with our skin’s ability to produce elastin and collagen. It happens to some people faster than others, but it will most definitely happen if you don’t take care of yourself. I was pretty carefree with my diet; I really had no idea how much it truly impacted my body and health until I hit my late twenties. It seemed like I just woke up one day and everything I ate packed into my thighs, butt, and belly and became big time problem areas. I couldn’t wear leggings or shorts anymore without being conscious of how I looked in them. I started watching what I ate and began taking supplements, like biotin, to help fix my skin. I have noticed a slow, but impressive change in my problem spots, and I strongly believe they will one day fully disappear.