What's the best DIY cellulite scrub?

Coffee grounds are great for exfoliation and making my skin soft and smooth, but I don't know if it's doing anything for the cellulite on my upper thighs. Did anyone find a DIY cellulite scrub that really works? I'd be grateful to hear some of your personal experiences.


F, 29, Texas

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I love body scrubs made from caffeine and honey and sugar because they make my skin feel really nice and soft. However, I still end up with cellulite no matter how much I use them. After doing a bit of googling on the subject, I found out that the body scrubs weren't being effective because cellulite isn't actually a problem with the skin itself. Instead, cellulite is caused by the connective tissue between the skin and the muscle pulling the skin into dimpled and bunchy shapes. Therefore, I'm not sure you could ever find a DIY scrub that works as a cellulite treatment. All a scrub does is temporarily bring blood to the surface of the skin which thickens it and makes cellulite slightly less noticeable. I still like using the DIY scrub made from brown sugar, honey, and lemon because it temporarily reduces cellulite, but the effect fades within an hour or so.

I have used a cellulite scrub that has worked well for me for years. I mix roughly a cup of coffee grounds with a few spoonfuls of hot water, and allow ten minutes for the water to absorb into the grounds and you have your homemade coffee scrub. Afterwards, I toss in 1/3 cup of sugar, a few tablespoons of sea salt, and a good sized glob of virgin coconut oil (I substitute in olive oil when I run out of coconut). I apply the mixture to my thighs and buns and allow it to sit and soak into my skin for 15 minutes. After I wash it off, I like to use a dry brush to give my afflicted areas a quick massage. Most people like to do this before they apply the scrub, but I have noticed faster results when this is done afterwards instead. It must also be mentioned that I combine this scrub treatment with about 50 daily squats, lunges, and crunches. I’ll take a break on the weekends, but without this frequent work out, I wouldn’t be able to get smooth, lump-free legs and buns.

I use an anti-cellulite scrub recipe I got from my best friend. It’s just a cup of coffee grounds mixed with brown sugar and olive oil – which is, FYI, all very good for rejuvenating the skin. I like to leave it on for about an hour and give it plenty of time to soak through the multiple layers of my skin and work its magic. My friend thinks I’m crazy because she doesn’t put it on until just before she showers. I also use a dry brush to stimulate the blood flow in my problem spots before I apply the scrub mix. Good circulation plays a strong role in preventing cellulite. My friend doesn’t believe it, but I think my legs look better than hers!

I have never found a scrub that takes any cellulite off of my body. I tried out so called miracle products I found online, and I tried concocting my own mixtures at home. I found the whole application process to be a huge pain in my already suffering rear. I have a tiny bathroom which makes this already messy process so much harder than it has to be. The organic coffee grounds stick to the bottom of my shower as well as get all over the floor – it’s unavoidable! -, and I hate having to clean it after every shower. I’ve never seen even the tiniest amount of change in my behind or thighs, so I quite doing it and am now looking into alternative methods.

I found a DIY scrub recipe off of the internet a few months ago that has worked wonderfully for me. All you need to do is mix any kind of pre-ground coffee with sea salt and coconut oil. I usually apply it on my problem areas about 20 - 30 minutes before I shower. I’ve noticed a difference when I allow the mixture time to soak into my skin verses trying to use it like a soap/body wash (slather it on and immediately wash it off). I apply the scrub in a circular motion to the affected area and let it sit before washing it off. Since I started using this mixture, my cottage cheese thighs have smoothed out a bit, and I’m no longer embarrassed when I wear shorts. Note: I have been increasing my exercising which has helped my thighs as well.

I discovered a great cellulite scrub mixture a year ago that has worked like magic on my problem spots – namely my thighs. I was initially pleased that it was composed of items I could find in my kitchen. I make it with 1 cup of fresh coffee grounds (freshness is optional - I just prefer to use it that way), 6 teaspoons of olive oil (coconut oil is also an okay substitute), and 3 teaspoons of white sugar. Also, stimulating your blood flow is detrimental in getting rid of unwanted cellulite, so I invested in a dry brush. I have personally found that using the dry brushing right before applying the scrub made my cellulite disappear twice as fast.