Can cheek implants lift jowls?

My jowls are pretty saggy and droopy and I was wondering if cheek implants could lift them. I'm a woman in my mid-fifties and the corners of my mouth and cheeks have been drooping for awhile not but it's only recently started to bother me. I've heard of a lot of success for cheek implants on the upper cheeks but not in the lower cheeks where I need them. Anyone with experience will cheek implants and jowls?


F, 55, Washington

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Yes, getting cheek implants will help lift your jowls just a little bit. The cheek implants will give you a fuller appearance and add volume to your cheek area, which includes your jowls. This will lift the jowls and give you a more youthful appearance. This is a more permanent way of fixing two problems with one surgical procedure. You’ll be placed under anesthesia with sedation and the implants will go in through an incision in the mouth. This is about where the jowls will be lifted as well once the implants are in place. Once the surgeon has the right size implant in place and the skin is stitched back up, you should be able to notice immediate results to the jowl areas.

My cheek implants added definition and lift to my face, but I didn't have strong jowls. You may want to combine cheek implants with another treatment to treat your jowls and add facial volume. I've also heard of lower facelifts that treat the lower face area. Maybe a plastic surgeon will recommend a mini facelift combined with cheek implants to give you the results that you want. Be sure to choose a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in facial rejuvenation. You should be able to walk away from a consultation with some professional advice, but I hope my experience is helpful.

If you're thinking about cheek implants to improve the appearance of your jowls, you might need to consider other options. I had cheek implant surgery to give my face more fullness. While it did lift the skin and give it more support, it wasn't enough to improve my sagging jowls. I ended up having implants in my jaw to take care of my jowls. A face lift and dermal fillers can help you to target this area too. It depends on what is going on with your face. You may not even need implants. A face lift could be the best way to tighten up loose skin on your face, sparing you from getting implants. You may like what a fat transfer can do for you as well when you add fullness to your face using fat from somewhere else on your body. If you don't want surgery, consider going with dermal fillers. They are temporary, but they are a great way to see what kind of changes can be made to your face when you are dealing with drooping skin.