Can cheek implants make my eyes smaller?

Are cheek implants effective at making big, bulging eyes look smaller? My eyes are very big and wide but close together which I think looks crazy sometimes. I'm trying to find a way to make them look less bug-eyed and I was wondering if cheek implants will do the trick. I've heard people complain that cheek implants made their eyes look smaller because the implants sort of squish them up - is this true? And if it is, will they help my eyes look less big and crazy?


F, 39, Minnesota

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Getting cheek implants can definitely help your eyes appear a little bit smaller than what they actually are. You and your surgeon can discuss the position at which you would like your implant to go, in order to give your cheek the volume that you want so that your eyes will look smaller. Your surgeon might actually suggest that you get more of a fatty filler in your implant that way it gives more volume in one certain area and this will allow your eye hollows to appear smaller as well. This type of cosmetic surgery allows the surgeon to kind of kill two birds with one stone in a sense.

When I had my cheek implants put in it did seem like my eyes were smaller. I wasn't struggling with my eyes like you are so maybe I didn't pay as much attention as you would but it did feel like I squinted a little bit more. There's actually a good possibility though that what was really happening was that my face was just balanced in a different way.

So, from what I understand, if you feel like your eyes are too big and you enlarge another aspect of your face it should balance it out a lot more. Kind of like how having your lips filled makes all your facial contours change. I would bet you that if you got cheek implants and they were the right size they would really help to balance your face and make you feel more confident in your appearance.

Beyond that, may I suggest that you use a lipstick that draws a lot of attention? A lot of times if someone is self-conscious about one of their features it the best solution is to just draw attention away from it so that people notice it less.

I understand what you're talking about. People always commented on my big eyes, but never referred to them as bulging. As I aged, I lost volume in my cheeks, and I began to look bug-eyed. I chose a board-certified plastic surgeon who specialized in facial work. She recommended cheek augmentation because the implants would replace the cheek volume that I was beginning to lose. After my recovery, my skin looks refreshed and natural. My eyes still look large but no longer bulge. My doctor recently suggested a dermal filler to perfect the area so that's a nonsurgical option you could explore. I may return for fillers, but I am thrilled with my results. If you want to show off beautiful eyes, I really recommend implant surgery.

It's normal to think about the big picture when you have plastic surgery, especially on your face. When I sat down with my plastic surgeon for a consultation, I wanted to learn more about cheek implants. My biggest worry was more pronounced cheekbones would take away from my eyes or make them look smaller. He assured me that everything would still look in proportion. In the end, I agreed. Your best bet is to really do your homework as you choose an expert facial plastic surgeon to perform your procedure.