Cheek Implants? Strange Feeling?

What does it feel like having cheek implants placed in your face? Do you feel them every time you smile? Thanks. 


F, 37, Tennessee

Tags:woman age 35-44 face cheeks smile

I had cheek implants placed in my face over 5 years ago. I do not feel them at all. Immediately following surgery, I could feel them and after the first month, I could still feel them but not nearly as much. It took almost a year for the implants to feel completely natural but once they did, I haven't felt a thing since. I do not feel the implants at all when I smile or frown now. My implants were silicone implants placed in a pocket -  they were not fastened to my bone. If you're considering having them fastened to the bone, I would assume you'll have a lot more swelling in the beginning but other than that, your experience should be the same as mine. 

I have no clue what it would feel like but I would probably side with just getting some fillers.