How common are cheek implant complications?

I really want to get cheek implants done, but I'm getting worried about the risks of complications. How often do cheek implant infections or serious problems happen?


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I have cheek implants and my surgery went smoothly. I did not experience any complications. Serious problems after plastic surgery are relatively rare, and they are greatly reduced when you use a board certified plastic surgeon. My surgeon provided me with a list of pre-and post-surgical requirements, and I meticulously followed them. My doctor explained that following his instructions would make a huge difference in my surgical results and would drastically reduce my chance of infection or complications. I'm thrilled with my results and I believe you will be too. I recommend that you press past your fears and talk openly with your plastic surgeon about your goals and your fears. The best things in life require stepping past your comfort zone and placing your trust in a reputable surgeon.

If you're like me, you want more out of your cheekbones. I had no definition in my face before I had my cheek augmentation. I wanted to have cheekbones that stood out like a movie star's profile. I wanted to go into implant surgery with my eyes wide open and learn about all the potential complications. I researched online and found one study that said the most common complication was infection, which happened to under half of the participants in the study. Other rare complications included a shift in implant placement or extrusion, where the implant pokes out. My plastic surgeon assured me that complications were rare in his practice. I went with someone with years of experience who specialized in cheek implants. I had a little swelling after my procedure, but no other problems. Follow your doctor's instructions for recovery care to the letter.

I decided to have cheek implants a few years ago because I've always had the thinnest cheeks. I was really happy with the results and I didn't have any implant complications besides a little bit more bleeding than I expected to; however, I did have a friend who decided to have her's done after they saw my results and they had some more struggles.

First of all, my friend didn't use the same surgeon as I did because she didn't have enough money to book him. So they chose to go through a surgeon that was a little bit less expensive and had some less than stellar reviews but still seemed acceptable. Honestly, she really regretted that choice because of the side effects that she had.

She had some issues with poor healing of her incisions, more scarring than she expected, plus a loss of skin sensation where her cheek implants went. Apparently, these are some of the complications that can come but they're not incredibly common.

Regardless, she had these issues even after hearing that they weren't very common and she was really frustrated with the results. If you have ever had any problems with your healing it's probably wise to skip having facial implants put in.

I have malar implants, and my doctor explained all the risks and possible problems during my free consultation. There are risks or complications associated with any surgical procedure. The best way to avoid complications is to choose a board certified plastic surgeon to provide you with cheek implants. Your plastic surgeon will review your medical history and confer with your general doctor before the surgery to reduce possible risks.

I was careful to follow all of my doctor's aftercare instructions because that's very important with facial implants and cosmetic procedures in general. I signed a consent form that included all sorts of risks, and my doctor took the time to explain them to me. You should stop smoking before the procedure and avoid taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs. Be sure to change the dressings and bandages as required, and avoid exercise until the doctor approves it. I'm thrilled with my results, and my surgery went smoothly and was complication free.

Cheek implants give you more volume and fullness to your cheeks. As with any cosmetic surgery, there are risks. Potential complications include bleeding, infection, poor healing of incisions, skin loss, numbness, prolonged swelling, cheek implant displacement and the need for implant removal surgery. You should be completely aware of all of the risks and complications before you commit to the surgery completely. You will also need to make sure that you have a friend or a family member stay with you for the first night of your recovery because you won't be able to bend and walk around very easily due to the effects of general anesthesia.