Is it possible for cheek implants be removed?

Can I remove my cheek implants if I don't like them or if something goes wrong? Can I remove them right away? Can I remove them in a few years? I just don't want to make an irreversible decision and I'm panicking about what will happen if I don't like the look of them or if I change my mind.


M, 32, California

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It is possible to get your cheek implants removed. When you get your implants removed, you will lose the volume in your cheeks that was there because of the implant. It is also probable that you could also have some sagging or stretching due to the implant being in your cheek area. Your skin had to accommodate the implant being on your cheek for a long period of time, so the excess skin will be there.

After implant removal, the skin will stay where it is and will not just go back down to the way it was before the surgery was completed. Because of this, you may have to have another type of plastic surgery completed, like using fat grafting to help the skin go back to the way it was before the implant was inserted. Your surgeon will try to get your cheek to look as natural as they can after removing your cheek implant.

If you are hemming and hawing about cheek implants because your nervous, it's normal. Having plastic surgery is a big step. You want to make sure it's what you really want. You also need to consider what you're going to do if you aren't happy. Also, make sure you see a board-certified plastic surgeon who has done a lot of this type of cosmetic surgery. I decided to have cheek implants because my face became too thin after extreme weight loss. However, I didn't like the change in my face after surgery. I ended up going back to have my implants removed. If you are really worried about what cheek implant surgery will mean for you, think about having dermal fillers for a temporary solution. If you like what you see, you can have implant surgery. I wish I'd gone with a less invasive option myself.

I hope my experience can help you. It sounds like you're panicking too soon. What I'm trying to say is, it's normal for facial implants to cause lots of swelling during the first weeks and up to three months after the surgical procedure. This swelling will go down, but you will not be able to see the true results until it's resolved. If you jump the gun and go for cheek implant removal, you might be making a huge mistake. Be sure to follow all of your aftercare instructions and see another plastic surgeon for a second opinion if you're still scared. Remember why you wanted to get cheek augmentation in the first place. As a prior implant patient, I encourage you to wait for the final results to be seen.