Will cheek implants fill out my under eye hollows?

My under eye hollows are really dark and droopy and make me look tired all the time. I was wondering if cheek implants would be a good way to fix this? I've heard cheek implants are good for making cheekbones look better but I want to know if they're good for under eye hollows too. Thanks!


M, 43, Connecticut

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From everything that I have read cheek implants aren't really intended to fill out under eye hollows. They work to help enhance your cheekbone area instead. Since your upper cheeks aren't high enough to fill out the hollow eye area, cheek implants won't really help you much. A lot of the time dark circles look bad because of tear troughs, which are better fixed with fillers, so I'd say look into those. That’s what my mom did when she turned 50.

Her surgeon suggested that she should use a soft cosmetic filler that would work with her face and not make her look fake. She chose to use Restylane because she had seen good long-term results with some of her friends a few years previously. Both my mom and most of her friends have been chain smokers for the majority of their lives so they definitely have more issues with under eye hollows.

Anyway, the process is actually pretty easy and the recovery time was relatively short. If you hadn't met her before you'd have no idea that she has fillers. It looks really good and very natural so I'd suggest you take a look at that sort of procedure.

I had cheek implants combined with Restylane Lift dermal filler, which my plastic surgeon recommended to fill the sunken space under my eyes. My cheek implants look amazing, and the dermal filler is easy to keep updated with routine treatments. The Restylane added volume to my eye area, and the cheek implants helped to pull it all together.

I'm thrilled with my look. My plastic surgeon did a fantastic job. No one is stopping me on the street to ask me where I had my plastic surgery done, but my friends are saying that I look fabulous! This lets me know that I look 100 percent natural, which was my goal. I also have Botox done around my eyes to treat the crows feet and between my eyebrows to get rid of the double lines. There are so many skincare options out there. I highly recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon to find out which options are best for you.

My cheek implants add dimension and lift to the upper portion of my face. Your surgeon can place implants strategically to lift and shape the eye bag area. Botox or dermal filler may also benefit that area. My plastic surgeon recommended a combination of treatments to achieve the best results. I had an eye lift and cheek implants. I'm thrilled with my results, and my surgeon did a fantastic job.

For any cosmetic surgery like this it's essential that you see a highly qualified and experienced facial plastic surgeon. Ask your surgeon to show you before and after photos of their previous patients. You should also look up your surgeon's patient reviews to find out about their bedside manner and craftsmanship. My plastic surgeon is very artistic and focuses on small details that produce significant results.

If you are thinking about cheek augmentation because you have hollows under your eyes, join the club. I noticed as I was getting closer to 50 that my face was losing its fullness. It made me look and feel old. I talked to my plastic surgeon about cheek implants to give my face more volume. He helped me to choose the right size implants and positioned them exactly where I needed them. I feel like I look younger again. If you don't want to go with a permanent solution like implants, consider doing something non-surgical like dermal fillers.

It's totally possible to use cheek implants to fill in under eye hollows. The cheek implant is specifically designed to prevent further volume loss of your cheeks. Therefore, if your cheeks are having more volume added to them, the “bags” under your eyes would definitely need to be moved upward so that your cheeks will look as if they have the youthful volume that you were wanting in the first place. Many plastic surgeons suggest cheek implants for filling in the under eye area.