Will cheek implants help my long face shape?

Tags:woman age 35-44 face cheeks self-conscious shape implant

My face has always been long and sort of horse-like. I've always been pretty self-conscious about this. Will cheek implants make it look rounder and more angular and therefore not as long? Or should I be focusing on a different area?


F, 35, Colorado

Cheek implants will help the shape of your face. If you are looking for more natural and rounded facial features, you can talk to your surgeon during your consultation and express that you would like to have more of the fatty deposit of the implant on your cheek area to give them a fuller look. This will change the appearance of the shape of your face from long and slender to rounder and younger looking. Usually by just changing the cheekbones, you can significantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The implants can also help restore symmetry and fix any extensive repairs to any other area of your face.