Will cheek implants help my long face shape?

My face has always been long and sort of horse-like. I've always been pretty self-conscious about this. Will cheek implants make it look rounder and more angular and therefore not as long? Or should I be focusing on a different area?


F, 36, Colorado

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From what I understand cheek implants should completely help you. One of the main benefits that I found with my cheek implants was that my face was much more balanced. I've always been angular even though I don't have a long face and having implants put in really balanced me out and made me seem fuller and younger honestly.

If you have been struggling with the way that you look like then I think this is a really great option for you. It will probably really help your self-esteem and give you the confidence that you need to feel beautiful every day.

I would also say that if you're having some issues with feeling like your face is long and horse-like, maybe look into how your styling your bangs in your hair. I know that you probably hear this all the time but the way that your hair is styled can really affect how long your face looks and I know that this is a great way to shorten your face.

I have a long face. It looks thin no matter what I do. I tried cosmetics and new hairstyles to create the illusion of a fuller face, but that didn't cut it. I sat down with my plastic surgeon to ask about cheek implant surgery. My doctor explained that implants in the right location and the right size could help me to balance out the appearance of my face. I decided to go for it. It's the best decision I ever made. My cheeks are fuller now. I don't look drawn and too thin. I'm really happy now that I've pumped up the volume.

Cheek implants will help the shape of your face. If you are looking for more natural and rounded facial features, you can talk to your surgeon during your consultation and express that you would like to have more of the fatty deposit of the implant on your cheek area to give them a fuller look. This will change the appearance of the shape of your face from long and slender to rounder and younger looking. Usually by just changing the cheekbones, you can significantly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The implants can also help restore symmetry and fix any extensive repairs to any other area of your face.

My cheeks were all sunken and I had no facial definition. Cheek implants provided me with high cheekbones and better all around facial structure. There are several surgical and nonsurgical choices, including cheek implants, a chin implant, lip filler or dermal filler. You may want to try dermal filler in your cheek area to add definition and fullness before choosing surgery.

Be sure to choose a well respected, board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in natural-looking results. Ask to see before and after photos, and ask lots of questions. My surgeon does fantastic work with injectable fillers, and I recommend that you ask your doctor about combining facial implants with injectables to provide you with the best results. Please reply on the forum to let me know how your results turn out. Plastic surgery is a game changer. I feel beautiful for the first time.